Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 70 - Caucaia - Patience is the Key

Last transfer WHAT!!!!! This morning, I said goodbye to my companion and also Sister Modesto.. it´s so sad! It´s so true how friendships you make on the mission are the realest friendships made.

I spent this week on splits in Perdizes again! It was SO WEIRD leaving the middle of the woods and spending a week in the center of São Paulo. This weekend, I stayed with Sister Santos and we travelled around São Paulo visiting all of her old areas before she went home. It was so much fun! Caucaia is still Zion and is still extremely blessed. Transfers are tomorrow and I´ll be staying here! My new companion is Sister Cruz! I went on splits with her one time in Vila Sônia and she is just the cutest! I´m super excited to do the Lord´s labor here in Caucaia with her for these next weeks.

Mom, I´m needing a dentist visit when I get home. Remember my tooth that broke?

Be patient in your calling and at work! I learned so much about patience and humility with Sister Santos in this last transfer in order to end everyday with a smile on my face. Alma teaches us in the Book of Mormon about having patience in our sufferings and trials. "E depois que foram pacientes nas provações, havia paz na terra." Everytime there was a war in the Book of Mormon, in the end, someone learned patience and learned how to handle the challenges from The Lord with patience, and then there was always peace in the land. Patience is the key to have "peace in the land."

Love you guys so much!!!
Have a great week!!!
c/ amor,

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