Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 45 - Vila Yara - Uno, Popcorn, and Hot Chocolate


Being in Brasil has made me despise cold weather. So luckily, this week got hot! It was so great. It was also great that it rained for the first time in 2 months. Yesterday and today have been sooooooo cold, and pouring down rain.. but next week is supposed to get hot again.

This week was another long week that flew byyyyyy! Unfortunately, Cleide wasn´t baptized yesterday. Her 5yr old daughter got really sick and ended up in the hospital with Dengue! It was horrible and so sad, but she´s going to be okay. Cleide was so worried and scared and at the same time, upset because of her baptism. But everything is going to work out fine as soon as her daughter is healed.

Wednesday we had our multi-zone conference! It was amazing and so great to learn even more of my personal worth as a daughter of God. It´s also so great with how far I´ve come along with the language in just 10 months. There´s not anything that someone says that I don´t understand. It´s harder for me to speak English than it is to speak Portuguese. I remember my first 1st zone conference I had when I had only been here for 2 months and I didn´t hardly understand any of it!

Saturday we went on splits! Sister N. Oliveira stayed with SIster Modesto and Sister Bollar stayed with me. She´s also American and only has 2 months of mission so it was so cool being able to help her feel more comfortable and give her a push of motivation. I also realized how horrible my ENglish is when talking. It´s so CRAZY!!!!!!! She spent the whole weekend laughing at me and we had a blast, but I missed my little daughter! This weekend was so fun also becuase 2 of our investigators and a less active had birthdays! So we celebrated and made brownies for everyone!!

Today we´re all here in Vila Yara together, eating popcorn and playing uno. It´s raining and super cold so later we´re going to make hot chocolate also.

This week was a good one. SIster D. Sousa will be going home in a week, it´s so sad.. definately a life long friend. I´m finally starting to realize how fast the mission is going by and it´s so scary. This week I studied about the principle of miracles and the Holy Ghost. How thankful I am to be here and for my understanding I have gained throughout this time. I love the gospel of Christ, I love helping people, I love meeting people, and I love washing the dishes in every house I enter :)

The church is true, the Book is blue, and Jesus said, "Little children, I love you."

com amor,
Sister Bido

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