Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 44 - Vila Yara - Hand in Hand

FIRST OFF, happy birthday Abuela! I hope it was great!

and SECONDLY, happy Brazilian´s Father Day to Dad and Opa!! I forgot what day there is father´s day, but here it was yesterday. so Happy Father´s Day!

This week flew by faster than last week. And all of the miracles we had, were shown to everyone in the church yesterday. We´ve changed our focus in the area and are focusing on strengthening the ward. There are over 200 less actives, so we´re going to reactivate as many as we can. This week we came up with a scheme to get the ward to help us as all. So in 1 month, we´re going to have a giant "Rescue Party." Every member on this one day will visit a few families to "rescue." It´s going to be so great! Yesterday at church we had 2 entire families of less actives come back to church, and a few other less actives that came alone. It was the best feeling in the world yesterday, seeing the church so full and everyone so excited and happy.

One of the families that came to church yesterday was the Moreno family. They are so special and so incredible. The dad of the family isn´t baptized yet, and even he went to church with them for the first time yesterday and already started reading The Book of Mormon.

Also, Kevin and Grazi came to church yesterday. Kevin was baptized 3 years ago, and then confirmed the day after his baptism and never again went to church.. until yesterday. And he brought his wife and 2 kids. Incredible. I was burning with happiness on the inside.

Cleide also went to church yesterday and loved it. She´s going to be baptized this coming Sunday and we are all super excited! This week was an amazing week as we helped her understand the importance of the law of chastity. She expressed her gratitude towards us for helping her understand her value as a daughter of our Heavenly Father. I remember the first time when we found Cleide. We went there to teach her sister that the elders had been teaching, but instead we found Cleide. She told us that she always wanted to hear what they were saying but she didn´t feel comfortable with 2 men and they never invited her to sit down and listen. It´s a miracle and proof of how our mission president was inspired to send sisters here. Cleide is absolutely amazing and being prepared by The Lord.

I also experienced another thing this week. We were almost arriving home late one night, 20 minutes away from our house and it was 9:20.. so we started to run. I was so woried to get home last, becoming I´m training and it´s just not acceptable. But then I realized that my companion was having trouble keeping up and having a lot of trouble breathing. So I stopped and we sat on a bench as I let her catch her breath and calm her down. Seeing her like that made me forget that we were going to be late, the lecture that I would recieve and everything. I then literally felt Christ´s hand grab my hand and guided it to her hand, helping her up and we made our way hoome safely and slowly and somehow arrived home at 9:29pm..

I love my mission. I love this gospel. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I love my Father in Heaven.

amo todos vocês,
Sister Bido

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