Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 47 - Vila Yara - My Heavenly Father Knows Me

Happy Labor Day everyone!

This Wednesday is Brazil´s Independance day, so we´re about to see some Brazilian pride!
The weather here has been great. It´s finally starting to get warmer and wants to rain from time to time. This week was a good, hard, amazing week. We ran into a slight problem last Sunday night that really threw us off our feet and this entire week we struggled to stand up... until Saturday night. Saturday night left a mark on me..

So we have a family in our ward that is extremely special. Terezita and Arturo. They aren´t married, and Arturo isn´t a member. But they have 2 daughters! Lately, they´ve been passing through a whole lot of difficulties and Terezita has been going kind of less active.

Saturday was really hot here and we stayed out in the street the entire day, so we were really tired and hungry. I was serioualy craving a banana. JUST one banana.. Finally, it turned 7 o´clock p.m. and we went to visit our amiga, Terezita. When we got there, we sat down and began talking about how her week went and things like that, and she offerred us a banana smoothie. There were only 2 banana´s on the table and 1 apple and I didn´t see any milk. So I hesitated and said, no thank you we already ate dinner. But she insisted that we accept the banana, and I was seriosuly wanting it, so finally we accepted (not that she was giving us a choice because she already started to make the smoothie anyways.) After it was made, we sat down at the table and she continued to tell us how everything was going wrong. her refrigerator broke and the food that she had just bought and sent the rest of their money on went bad and spoiled and they were surviving through the week by eating the fruit that they had left. But it was Saturday night, and she had just used the last 2 bananas and the last apple and the last cup of milk she had to make us a smoothie and reacted so calmly.. I looked at Sister N. Oliveira, and she looked at me and I wanted to cry. She continued on talking about how stressed out she was and she was really needing our visit just to give us a hug. I got up and gave her a huge hug and she noticed that I was holding my tears in and just said to me.. "Don´t you worry, Heavenly Father will not let anything lack in my home because of my faith in Him." As soon as she finished her sentance, we heard someone clapping their hands outside and yelled Terezita´s name. We looked out the window and saw another couple from the ward. Confused, we opened the door to greet them.. but instead found them with their arms full of groceries and the entire trunk full of more groceries waiting to be brought inside.. Terezita said in the softest voice, "I didn´t ask for any of this. My Heavenly Father really knows me." As we were unloading everything, it seemed like the bags would never stop coming. She didn´t even have enough cabinet space to hold all the food that was brought in, including the 5 bundles of bananas and 3 bags of apples that were sitting on the table. She looked at us one more time and said, "He multipied everything for me."

I absolutely love my Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for the love that He also has for us.
Be faithful and trustful and humble.
com amor da Vila Yara,
Sister Bido

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