Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 36 - Jardim Celeste - Rad Soup and Hospital Visits

PARABÉNS AMANDA MARQUES PERRET! Our miracle was baptized Saturday morning by Ulysses! His first baptism and it was the most beautiful, graceful thing I´ve ever seen! It´s incredible how The Lord literally prepares people to accept the gospel into their lives. Amanda is a changed person and is already living a better life. Her brother Felipe is going to wait a few more weeks and then he´ll have his chance!

So this week was stressful for me, but I learned an insane amount of patience and humility. My campanion got extremely sick one day after lunch in the road so we went back home and stayed there the whole day. While she slept, I made a pretty rad soup for her to eat for when she woke up! The next day, she was still feeling horrible and we went to the hospital. My first trip to a hospital in Brazil! It looked like a normal hospital, actually it was a normal hospital, but the process and all was weird and wack. But we spent 6 hours there so I read almost the entire Liahona from this month. Afterwards, we returned home and i put Sister D. Sousa to bed! Friday morning she was feeling a lot better so we ran around the town visiting everyone that we hadn´t seen all week and preparing everything for the baptism. Saturday morning everything worked out perfectly, but afterwards Sister D. Sousa had a fever again and was getting sicker. So she stayed a Fabiana´s house and rested while I went with Kelly to a few appointments that we had. It was a hard day without my companion, but we managed.

Yesterday at church, Luzinete and Rodrigues came with us and Amanda was confirmed a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Annnnnnd we found out that for now on our ward will be starting at 2 o´clock starting this Sunday! Yiiiiiiiiiiiikes! No worries, it´ll all work out!

Sister D Sousa is feeling better and back on her feet, thank goodness! We´ve got tonssssss of work to do this week and we are excited as ever! We´re hoping that we´ll have a baptism this coming Sunday as well, so let´s all pray that everythjing works out right!

I love you all and hope everyone had a great week!!
Com amor,
Sister Bido

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