Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 48 - Vila Yara - Testimony Building

Just wanna start this email out by saying Mom.. I think maybe I´ll end up working in a nursing home one day. We had a service project this week and spent the day at a nursing home talking with the elderly folk. I made so many friends there! So many of the women there thought that I was their daughter that came back to visit them! It was so funny and so great! There was one lady there, Maria, who would not sit down! She carried her pipe around in one hand and paced back and forth outside trying to figure out how to climb the banana tree that was out there. I finally got her to sit down and talk with me for about 3 minutes. After those 3 minutes, she decided that she had to get back to work! So cute!

This week we found so many new investigators! We´re still not having very much progress with the people, so it´s important that we keep finding new people to find someone with an actual desire. Saturday was our miracle day AGAIN. After passing the entire day in the road, we went to the last house on the street and the woman came staright to the door and told us to come in because dinner was just finishing up. Maria was her name. We entered and spent some time getting to know her and her family. Her husband has alzeimers(?) and we spent some time talking with him also. He thinks I´m the maid that works in the house and he sent me to finish washing the dishes and start dinner!! It was soooooo fun! We ended the night teaching Maria about The Book Of Mormon and she agreed to start reading and pray about it. We´re super excited and grateful to have found her. 

We also had 2 miracles walk into church yesterday. The husband of an inactive member woke up wanting to come to church, so he woke up his wife, Suzanna, and they came to church today for the first time in 2 years. It was a testimony builder for Suzanna, she told us, to see her husband being the one wanting to get back on the right track. So we´re going to help them do exactly that.

So this was my week! I hope all of you also had a great week and have a great week now!

com amor de Osasco,
Sister Bido

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