Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 64 - Vila Sonia - Peace and Blessings

This week was extremely slow here in Vila Sônia! Everyone was stillllll on vacation throughout the week.
This week, we went on splits 3 times.
Tuesday I went to Novo Osasco and was the companion of Sister Bollar for a day! It was so fun being her companion for a day and telling the funniest jokes and stories that Brazilians just don´t understand!
Wednesday I went to Raposo Tavares and was Sister Namauu´s companion for another day! It was really fun being with her and seeing how much she has grown!
Thursday and Friday were the best days of the week because I got to stay in Butantã with my beloved daughter Sister N Oliveira! I was so impressed with how much she has grown and I am so proud of her. I also got a little teary eyed from the joy I felt when she thanked me for everything.

We also had one of the craziest experiences of my mission where I was forced to use all of my girl scout/ daughter of a nurse knowledge that I had. So we arrived to an Irmãs house. This irmã is extremely simple and humble and sick! When we got there, she was screaming SCREAMING crying and crying from pain in her foot. She had dropped boiling oil on her foot a week ago, and then it got infected and she was just a mess. So we tried helping her calm down but it just wasn´t working. Her foot was bandaged up and had an ace wrap but her entire leg was sooooo swollen that I could tell the ace wrap was hurting her even more. I told her to bite on a sock because I was about to change her bandages and everyone looked at me like I was insane, but she didn´t reject the idea. I looked araound for a place to wash my hands.. nothing. the bathroom is a little tent outside, there was no sink or shower or anything and neither one of us had hand sanitizer!!! So what did I do? I saw a bottle of alcohol and washed my hands with alcohol, then dived in. I unwrapped her leg and foot and saw that the bandage was leaking yellowish pus and blood and needed to be changed. I said the quickest little prayer, stayed 100% calm, and slowly took on the gauze. It was literally an open flesh would. so what did i do? washed my hands with more alcohol, cleaned up her wound with coton and anti biotic cream, then passed another medication creme and bandaged her all up! She said it relieved a lot of pressure and wasn´t hurting as bad after wards so that was great! So anyways, the day was great being Mom hahahaha.

We celebrated sister N Oliveira´s 6 month birthday with pizza when we got home. New Years Eve and New Years Day were normal for us. We ate lunch like normal, worked normally (except that the town was completely deserted) and had to be home like normal. Yesterday was the same way....
except that we recieved our transfer calls! I am being transferred to Caucaia which is beside my first area Vargem Grrande. It is extremelyyyyyyy country and I am soooo excited!!! I´m finally leaving the city and believe that I will finish my mission there! I´m still a Sister Training Leader, so that didn´t change.

This week I was able to learn more about the Atonement of Christ. This is why I love my mission, every thing that happens is able to help you grow your understanding of Christ´s atoning sacrifice for us. It does not matter what kind of challenge or difficulty that may pass in your life, the gospel of Jesus Christ and His suffering will always help us be able to overcome these things. I know that Christ lives and is my Savior and I know that Heavenly Father is our Living God. I know that the Atonement is for everyone, even the people that don´t accept Him.

wish me luck in Caucaia you guys, my new companion is Sister Santos! Woohooooo!

Have a good week, love you allllll!!!!!

c/ amor do último dia na Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

p.s. this morning I cut 6 inches of my hair and I´m now #shorthairdontcare #vidalouca
p.s. still haven´t recieved any package
p.s. the Lord reaveled to me my life plans

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