Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 54 - Vila Sonia - Angels in Idaho

My week was blessed by an angel living in Idaho this week. We recieved a referral from some woman in the US, recommending us to visit her friend that just so happens to live on our same street and who just so happens to be incredibly prepared by the Lord to be baptized and change his life.

So my week was amazing. It was great, and it was tiring, and every sacrifice, every step, every foot pain, every headache, and every stomach growl was worth it. We had the most spiritual experience that I´ve experienced on my mission this week with an incredible woman, Neuza. She was the only person that recieved us on Wednesday after walking in the sun the entire day for miles and miles. She immidiately opened her door for us and told us that she wanted our help to change her life. Before we even offered, she accepted. We had a lot of success with another investigator this week, Rita. Since we taught her the word of wisdom last week, she hasn´t done any druggs since then. She called us every day whenever she felt like doing something and we talked her out of it every time. Another investigator we took to the temple, since we´re the temples neighbor, was Claudia who will be baptized in November! She absolutely loved the temple and it went like this..

"How beautiful and peaceful.. what do I have to do to be able to enter into all the rooms?" and that´s how it started! I also recieved the good news that 2 of our people we left in Vila Yara with baptism dates worked out and were baptized yesterday just like we had planned! Luciano and Janete! WOOOOOHOOOOO :)

We also had some hilarious moments this week. Our apartment flooded because the drain was stopped up.. we waited the entire day just for the plumbers to come and say that the pipes were clogged up with hair.. imagine 4 heads of hair down to your butt.. that´s how much hair they pulled out. So while they were doing their job, we planned our training that we gave Thursday morning! We dressed up like elders and took a video of how to acompany the sisters. It was hilarious, but you´ll have to wait to see the video after my mission! Another funny thing that happened this week was when we drank pure blackberry juice for lunch. Literally blackberries, and some water mixed in the blender. Afterwards, we discovered that sister Modesto is allergic while running home for to get into the bathroom! We ran up the biggest hill in the area, so when we got home, she ran in to the bathroom and I collapsed on the floor. While waiting for her, I fell asleep thrown on the floor. When I woke up, she was also thrown on the floor passed out!!!!! It was the funniest sight to see.

My testimony has continued to grow even more this week as the members continue to help us. I am so thankful for this gospel and for the difficulties that I have passed and that I have in my mission. I have become such a stronger person.. (we had FHE with John the Baptist last night!!!!)

Testifico que a igreja é verdadeira e que Deus vive e Cristo é o nosso Salvador.

Amo todos vocês e espero que a vossa semana seja boa.

com amor de Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

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