Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 62 - Vila Sonia - Pomegranate Miracles

The Lord has never and never will leave one of His children alone. This week we got a little more creative with our work. Here in Brazil, it´s pomegranate season! In Vila Sônia, our greatest difficulty is finding new investigators. When we talk with the very few people that we find walking in the roads, they usually give us andress that doesn´t exist or don´t give any address, so that´s why we spend all our day knocking on doors. So like I said, we got a little more creative and decided that every house we pass that has a pomegranate tree in the front, we´d stop and ask them to pick pomegranate for us and then we would capture them with our missionary technique! YALL, it worked!!!!! We ended our week with the biggest miracle of finding 12 new investigators here in Vila Sônia by asking for fruit!
We also had a few more miracles throughout the week. Our recent convert Titto brought a million of his friends to church yesterday so now we have more people to work with!!! Also, Marcela´s baptism was yesterday and was so incredible! I love seeing the youth changing their lives and becoming so firm in the gospel! We´ve also started teaching her mom, so we´re incredibly excited.
This week we also helped one our less-active members that we´re helping return to church clean her house and redo her room and painted the bathroom! It was so fun.

We went on splits again this week but this time I stayed here in Vila Sônia with Sister Cruz! The best day of my week was this day. It was the best feeling people able to help her with her doubts and difficulties in the mission. Every missionary made a sacrifice to be on the mission today and that´s the key to good companionship. Recognizing that the other person is on the same team as you. As different as they might be, they are here serving The Lord with all their strength, heart, and mind just like you are.

We also had the miracle of finding William this week. He´s 22, married, and has a 4 year old daughter. I had talked to him in the road the day I was on splits and Saturday we went looking for his house. At first, we went to the road and could not find his house number at all. We were about to give up but I had the strongest feeling that he didn´t lie about his address. Out of no where, absolute no where, i had the thought to look behind a huuuuuge tree and bushes against one of the walls. Behind the huge tree was a door.. and the numbers 288. William´s house number. We clapped our hands and called his name and he came running out. We taught him about The Book of Mormon and marked his baptismal date for January. When you work diligently with faith, The Lord leads you and guides you and blesses you to bless others.

This week we´re going to be so busy! We´re going on splits again, then we have the Christmas activity of the mission, then Christmas is coming up! Saturday we´ll pass the day with all of our less active members, and sunday we´re having a cookout after church with Ana Lucia and her family! Afterwards, we´re going to Fabiana´s house and will skype from there at like 6:30 or 7pm!

I´m so thankful for my Savior and for the miracle of His birth. I love my Heavenly Father and I love Jesus Christ.
I love you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido


1. right before the biggest bee came after us and chasing us
2. Marcela´s baptism with Titto (she refused to take a picture in white because of the jumpsuit hahaha)
3. a bridge we have to cross to enter into one of our investigator´s house

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