Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 49 - Vila Yara - The Church of our Savior is Perfect

This week I learned what a hard week is.

To answer your question, yes their refrigerator was fixed!
We had a meeting with all the sisters in the mission at President Thomas´ house and it was amazing. But that was about the only good thing that happened this week. It´s already been a few weeks that we found out the bishop in the ward is investigating our work and stays on our backs about everything. Well this week he told us that the members are complaining that we eat too slow and it´s annoying to the members because they have things to do. Great. We kept on wokring through the week and ignored it.. until a member that we trust called us saying that the bishop called her wanting to know what time we arrived at her house, what time we left, and what we did while we were there. When she told him how awesome our FHE was the bishop got quite and hung up. So we also forgot about it, pushed it aside and kept working. But then, ANOTHER member that we trust called us over to have a serious conversation and that´s when we found out what was really going on. All of the sisters in Relief Society got together and had a meeting. They "decided" that we converse too much during lunch and that we should spend that time conversing with people on the road and that we should spend more time in the road and work harder because there have been better missionaries here in the ward. There were also a few saying that we don´t teach anything or offer to help.. and they did this to prove a point and win the fight that they don´t want to have to give us lunch. Apparently this isn´t the first time they´ve done this with the missionaries in the ward.. it´s the 4th time this year. So with our feelings completely hurt, we went to President Thomas at 7am the next morning and asked for guidance. Returning to our area, not very excited and extremely sad, we kept on working. I don´t want to be in a ward where I´m not wanted. I don´t want to be in a place where the sacrifice that I´m doing is not appreciated. For someone to wish that the missionaries spend more time in the road is something extremely cruel. So Sunday we went to converse with the bishop. In Nephi when his bow broke, everyone started complaining and complaining him, but it wasn´t his fault. He was the only one trying and was still blamed for nothing working out right.. basically our situation. But what did Nephi do? He humbly went to his father, Lehi, and ASKED where he should go to cast his bow.. so we went to the bishop and HUMBLY ASKED him what his desire was for us to accomplish in his ward. We´re here, we´re sad, but we´re working and we´re doing the will of The Lord. It is not easy. I love serving my Heavenly Father. Tuesday we spent the entire day in the road and not a single person talked with us. We were called ugly and water was thrown on us, but it´s a sacrifice that I love and that I don´t complain about. I´m praying for this ward and for the problems that are here and I know that The Lord is going to bless and help them with their difficulties. I saw my companion crying the other night because of the members in this ward and it broke my heart. I´ll be staying here for one more transfer because I asked Pres. Thomas to transfer Sister N. Oliveira. She shouldn´t have to stay in the ward being so sad and so new in the mission.

But today was Pday and we went to the temple. It was an amazing day and such a comfort to be in The House of The Lord. The church of our Savior is perfect, I don´t have a doubt in my mind about that, but it´s the people inside His church that are not. Like Jesus taught, we sit with the sinners to teach them repentance.

Have a good week everyone, love you Mom and Dad!!

and Happy birthday Mia!!!!
com amor,
Sister Bido

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