Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 41 - Vila Yara - 100,000 Things to Learn

and 100000 things to look forward too.

remember when I said I was transfered to a new area and would be training? YEP. But, Tuesday morning I recieved a transfer call again and was transferred AGAIN!!!!! On our way to the mission home to do transfers, I found out that I would be going to a different area.

So the area closed for elders, and we opened the area here as well. Vila Yara in Osasco.. there are 26 missionaries in our zone.. only 2 being sisters. ME AND MY DAUGHTER COMPANION.

Anyways, so I got to the mission home and the elders that closed the area didnt know they were being transfered so they called a taxi and that´s how they got there. none of the members knew or anything, so we didn´t have a ride to get to our area. we didn´t even know where our area was and no one even knew the address to the apartment where we live... so after a long investigating process, they finally found the address and Fabi offered to take us there THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

THEN, later that day I finally recieved my companion. SISTER OLIVEIRA!!!!! again... but a different one! She´s from Portugal and super excited to be here! She got a little scared and nervous when she found out we would be openeing an area together, but I´m trying to help her as much as I can. Our area isn´t the safest.. it´s not city but it´s more city than Jardim Celeste. and a lot risher so everyone drives cars.. which means that at night we´re the only people on the roads and it´s not the safest thing that should be happening.

Every day this week we got lost. The area is huge huge HUGE HUGE HUGE.. there were 6 elders here before and now there´s just us here and in the ward. The members like to help a lot, so that´s great. But it´s not easy. Almost everyone here speaks English and wants to talk in English with me but my English is horrible!!!!!!!!!! I don´t even make sense when I´m trying to talk. And it´s so much diferent than writing, because you have time to think when you´re writing! But anyways, it´s going to be good.

I´ve decided that right now my only worry is training my companion. We´ll learn the area and we´ll find people, but her training is also extremely important and she needs a lot of help. it´s a huge responsibility. it´s hard to be patient with the area, but it´s no use trying to accomplish everything in 1 day or 1 week. so this transfer is not going to be easy, but it´s going to be amazing. and I have to be patient with The Lord while being patient with myself.

on the bright side, Luzinete was baptized Saturday just like we had planned. It was a horrible feeling not being there but I was still incredibly happy that everything worked out right.

There´s over a million things to learn in this area and over a million things to look forward too.

I love this gospel, I love my mission, and I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father.

com amor,
Sister Bido

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