Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 34 - Jardim Celeste - Passion for the Restoration


I´m more than freaking excited about everything that happened this week, so I´m going to start with the most exciting and important news I have...


annnnnnnnnnd... EVA WILL BE BAPTIZED JUNE 19th!!!!!

we took Eva and her sister too the temple this week and invited them to be baptized during our lesson we had in the waiting room. Eva accepted and we are so excited for her. Amanda and Felipe are absolute miracles. It´s true that the Lord has people prepared and we have to find them. And that´s exactly what happened. They´re practically wanting to jump into the baptismal font!!!

Second thing.. transfers are tomorrow and.. I´LL BE STAYING HERE IN JARDIM CELESTE AGAINNNNNNN with Sister D. Sousa!!!!!!!! How crazy! I´m so excited to be staying here and it´s so hard to believe!

Third thing that happened, my birthday! It was so awesome! So after I emailed last monday, a few surprises took place. We went to Renilda´s and Joao´s house and she had made me a cake! It was so great. Then afterwards we went to Fabiana´s house and as I was walking in, everyone started singing and clapping and put a cake in my hands! The room was decorated with balloons and everything. My first surprise party was here in Brasil!!! BUT, that wasn´t even the end of it.. at our zone meeting the next day, i walked into the church and the whole zone was already there with cake and breakfast and started singing.. SUPRISE PARTY ROUND 2!!!! AND it didn´t even end there. 2 other Sisters in the ward made me cake for me at lunch 2 different days of the week. It was such a good week!

Saturday we bought pizza and a freezing day of rain and returning home soaking wet!!! You´ll never guess what the pizza was... french fry pizza with chocolate stuffed crust. Don´t knock it until you try it.. SO GOOD.

Other news: Mom I got my package, thanks so much for everything!! Yes we can wear pants now. We get to meet our mission president when he arrives. June 27th. BUT, we got to skype with him Monday at the party for Presidente Del Guerso.

I also finished D&C completely this week and the passion I have for The Restoration of the gospel is incredible. I started The Pearl of Great Price and my love for the gospel is growing and growing more and more each day. Last night in our FHE, we talked about the invitaion that Christ left here on the earth for each and everyone of us.. Come unto Him.

Come unto Christ.
com amor,
Sister Bido

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