Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 65 - Caucaia - Rain, Dirt Trails, and Blessings

I am so in love with my new area! Imagine working in the middle of the woods on dirt trails..
it´s CAUCAIA! I´m so happy to be back in the country. We´ve had so much success this week already. My companion is Sister Santos and will be ending her mission in Febuary! We´re about 2 hours from São Paulo by bus and never have signal here, thank goodness!

So 2 miracles that happene this week..
1. As we were walking on one of the longest dirt roads, there was little trail entering into the pasture, so we decided to explore. We climb a hill and made our way through the tall weeds and found a shack full of people. They saw us arriving and came running out to meet us. The parents are Patrícia and Eduardo and they have 8 kids. We shared the message of The Restoration with them and the Spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson, it started raining, but no one even flinched. As we testified of the living prophet, the rain poured on us. We ended by inviting Eduardo to say the closing prayer and to kneel down. In the pouring rain, kneeling in the mud, Eduardo said the most beautiful prayer for us and for his family. To make it even better, they all came to church on Sunday!
2. Usually, Saturdays are the busiest days and we have so many things to do. BUT, the sky decided to rain and storm and all 7 of our appointments fell through.. at about 6pm we had nothing left to do, were covered from head to toe in mud and were determined to find the Lord´s elects. Marching through 6inches of mud, we found a little house on the side of the trail and decided to knock there. A young couple answered the door and invited us in. They were a little quiet at first, but the spirit was telling us to teach The Plan of Salvation. As we testified that Families can be together forever and that Heavenly Father gives us tests and trials, Grasiele started crying. Her and Rodrigo have been married for 12 years and aren´t able to have kids. Using the athority we have, we promissed in Christs name that they would be blessed with kids if tthey would fullfil their part here in earth. It was so great!

Needless to say, I am loving my companion and my area and the ward! I know the Lord does things the way He wants and when He wants, so we have to trust in Him. I´m glad you all enjoyed the snow and are all safe! Get better soon Mia! This week I´m going on splits in Cotia again after a year! Woohoooo! Have a great week, lovvvve you all! and yes i got the packages, THANK YOU SO MUCH! STEPHANIE YOU ARE AWESOME I LOVED THE STOCKING!!!!

c/ amor de Caucaia Sião do Alto,
Sister Bido

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