Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 42 - Vila Yara - Laugh and Enjoy the Work

Yáll are really startin´to slack with the details of what´s happening at home!

This week was a whole lot better than the last one!! We still got a little lost throughout our day but we´re starting to get the hang of it! We make it to lunch everyday and home every night so we stay pretty happy! This week we worked soooooo hard, harder than I´ve ever worked I think. We ended our week with 17 new investigators, including a beautiful family!!! So yes, we´re super excited in our area!

You won´t be seeing many pictures in this area because it´s not exactly the safest area for sisters... but the Lord is protecting us!! :)

I´m trying to teach my companion to not be so serious and to laugh at everything and how to enjoy in the work.. but we were having a little too much fun trying to cross the run running from an angry dog that she fell and hurt her ankle and then suffered through saturday and sunday walking! But good thing I´m raising a warrior and I couldn´t be more proud of my daughter! WOOHOO!

I also used pants in the road for the first time in 10 months.... how weird. everyone was so shocked to see sisters using pants!

We´re hoping and praying to have the baptism of Geovana this sunday after church, so lets all pray that it will work out!!

This area isn´t the easiest.. it´s extremely difficult.. BUT we´re pushing ourselves and we´re seeing The hand of The Lord guiding us and carrying us along. I´ve never been so close to The Spirit or felt the love from Christ as much as I am now. This is my time to grow and it´s incredible.

Amo muito vocês e espero o melhor por tudo mundo!
Sister Bido

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