Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 58 - Vila Sonia - 57 Pieces of Fabric

Well, this week didn´t exactly go out as planned.. but it was still really good. I´m learning a lot about Christ-like atributes and how to handle rough, unexpected situations.

To start off, I learned how to sew! Yes, sew sew! Like REALLY sew! We take care of a less active member who sews clothes for a store in Rio de Janeiro. So while we were visiting him, he was finishing up a few things he had to send off and I saw a million scraps of pretty fabric and started to play around. I decided that I wanted to make a skirt out of these fabric scraps and then put them in order (like a puzzle) and designed my skirt! Since I had nothing to lose, I just started sowing with the machine and in the end.. I walked out with the coolest looking skirt! Everyone doubted me but I literally now have the cutest skirt that I made from 57 pieces of fabric scraps..

ANYWAYS, this week I went on splits again and returned to Perdizes to help the sisters find new investigators. It was incredible as we ended our day with 4 new investigators and appointments marked. I absolutely love having the opportunity to get to learn, help, and grow with all of these amazing sisters! 

During our week, everything was amazing as we helped finalize everything for Titto´s baptism. We acompanied him everyday for only 10 minutes because of his work and problems at home with his dad. Sunday morning before church was his baptism interview and he passed with flying colors (OBVIOUSLY).. but then the Elders decided to use one of the mission rules against us saying that a baptism interview has to happen 3 days before the baptism and that Titto could not be baptized on the same day. After a month of praying, fasting, and breaking our backs to make sure everything worked out right, the adversary itself came in the form of an elder this time. There will never exist an easy baptism. As we fought for our investigator we could feel the Spirit testifying to us to not give up. We tried and tried and tried to defend our case, but a rule is a rule. We had to be humble and accept the rule.. right? But then a scripture came to my head that I would have never in my life thought of if the Spirit wouldn´t have put it in my mind.. When Nephi killed Laban. Nephi knew that it was against God´s law to kill a man and becuase it was against the commandment, he wouldn´t have done it. BUT, the Spirit insisted and insisted and insisted again. The Spirit spoke against the law and acted. We accepted the law of the mission and humbled ourselves, but the fight didn´t end. Last night, Titto was not baptized. He will recieve the apology from our mission president and will be baptized this Saturday. My testimony was strengthened from this experience.. The Spirit knows what to do. The Spirit is against the adversary. Not a single baptism will be easy, ever. The fight against the adversary will continue, but it´s a humble fight. It´s a humble fight because we know which side always wins. The important part is that Titto will still be baptized and his testimony was also strengthened. When something is the right, everything will try to go wrong. This only strengthened him.

Transfers happened yesterday but I will be staying in Vila Sônia with Sister Modesto


We are also expecting Neide´s baptism this Sunday. This week will be a week of blessings!

I know that my Savior lives and loves us. I know that we can return to our Father in Heaven again because the price to enter was already paid and was paid by the most expensive blood.

Hope everyone has a great week and remembers the importance of the guidance of the Holy Ghost!
c/ amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

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