Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 39 - Jardim Celeste - No Soul Will Be Lost

4th of July was a successssss and so were the s´mores we made! We ended up not grilling hamburgers because we had FHE and the family made barbeque! Being the only American here, I´m thankful that Brasil and my Brasileiro friends supported me to support my country!

BUT, I love Brazil and I love everyone here.. "except the people all the way there in Japan because I don´t know anyone there, so I don´t know how I could love people I don´t know." -Sister D. Sousa

Sometimes we´re great representatives of Christ, other times we´re very logical and realistic! Hahahaha. This week was a great week, my companion and I had a blast!!

Tuesday we met our new president!! I left my camera at the house, sorrrrrrry for not sending a pic! But he´s so great and nice. He´s also very strict and spiritual. His wife is so sweet! And they brought their 16 year old daughter, Emily! They don´t speak any Portuguese so I had to help translate in our zone meeting when we went. Unfortunately he made the rule that we shouldn´t wear sandals... good thing it´s cold right now. I´ll ask permission again when it starts to get warm so we´re not too worried! As for the other rules, nothing changed!

Our insane hunt for new investigators has begun. We tore apart a few roads visiting every single house and talking with every single person. After finding a few people, we´re going to continue with our hunt.

Being a missionary, you realize how easy your life is... except that it´s not. You experience more and more of the Atonement every day of your life and then you feel more and more grateful for what Christ did. Sometimes I feel like there´s no way I can stay here and love these people the way I love them and watch them reject our help and continue to make wrong choice.. but then I remember that Christ did this for the entire world. We don´t have the capacity to do what He did, and that´s why it was Him who atoned for our sins. Our job is to give our all, each and every day, and at the end of the day as we retire to our beds, gets on our knees and ask The Lord if He would accept our sacrifice and work that we did today. Humility and understanding and sacrifice.

I know that Christ lives and I know that if it weren´t for him, there would not be a plan of happiness or plan of salvation. we would just be here living in sin without purpose. I love my Savior and I love helping people recognize Him.

p.s. Every bad day in my mission life ends with a game of Uno and a pan of brigadeiro

com amor,
Sister Bido

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