Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 63 - Vila Sonia - Popsicles and Cake

Good morning! It was great "seeing you guys" hahahaha! I want Jordan's email.

So this week I won't be spending any time in my area, I'll be spending every day of this week in a different area each day.

We actually received permission to use the computers at Neide's house! and I'm pretty calm about time passing, I'm not in any hurry to finish my mission because I'm nervous about my real life. I'm not completely sure about college and so I just try not to think about it. The time is passing by way too fast and I'm not ready for my mission to end!

I'm just going to stay here in Brazil selling popsicles and cake in the road from a little hand truck for the rest of my life.

Well, I love you, gotta go! The elder that Baptized Sister Modesto 3 years ago is in Sao Paulo so we're going to eat lunch him and his wife now.

Love youuuuu thanks for everything!

Have a great weeeeeeek!

Week 59 - Vila Sonia - A Week of Baptisms

We're having Internet trouble here so I'm not going to have time to write you.

Fabiana came to one of our Baptisms this week and it was awesome.

We had Titto's Baptism on Saturday then Neide's Baptism on Sunday.

We're going to the Temple today. Later if the Internet is fixed I'll write you.

Love you!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 71 - Caucaia - Walk Until You Fall

What a week.. seriously. I have my new companion, Sister Cruz! She is so small and funny and we have so much fun together!

This week was absolutely exhausting and insane. As you all know, Patrícia and her family moved last week and moved again!! This week was our week to hunt them down. Every day, we walked to the very end of our neighborhood hunting down this beautiful family. After searching every trail, asking every person on the street, knocking on every shack, we came home completely dead every night. Every night, I came home with a smile on my face and trying so hard to stay positive. I knew that The Lord was testing my face and that the advesary was also playing role in the situation. I knew that I had to be strong and not give up. Every time I knocked on a door and it wasn´t them, I struggled to not feel down.

It continued like this Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. until Saturday. After fasting, pouring my heart out in prayer, and begging for the Lord´s guidance, I woke up with determination to find them to be able to bring them to church Sunday. It was 8:15pm when I was absolutely ready to give up. I was tired. I was sun burnt. I was hungry. I was sad. I was weak, and I wanted to cry. I sat myself on the sidewalk and decided with my companion that I wouldn´t stand up until I recieved some kind of sign from Heavenly Father. About 10 minutes passed by and I decided to look at the woods behind me. Who did I see? Carlos. I screamed his name with the rest of my soul´s energy and he came running! Once again, Pai Celestial gave us one more miracle. We followed Carlos to their new house and found the whole family together. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and testified of The Lord´s love for us. If we give up, we won´t ever deserve the chance to see miracles.

This week I learned how important diligence is. You can always take one more step. Walk until you fall and that will be when The Lord holds out His arms to carry you the rest of the way. I testify with all my heart that THIS is The Lord´s work. I know this family will be eternal one day. If they aren´t some of The Lord´s elects, I don´t know who is. The elects are never easy. Sunday morning we were able to catch a ride with Irmão Marcos to go pick up the family. When we got there, Ana Paulo was standing at the door waiting for us. Crying, she explained to us that her father wouldn´t let them come to church and that if any of them tried to leave, they would all have to answer to him.. It´s one thing after another. I learned that I can´t give up, and I will not give up. The advesary will not win, The Lord will.

So this was my week, getting through one huge trial just to be enfrented with an even bigger one at the end, but that´s life. These are the things that build our testimonies and make us stronger. In a world like we´re in today, we can´t afford to have a weak testimony.

Fátima´s birthday was last night so we stayed with her after church. She´s a less active who is literally crazy, so when she messages you.. it´s better that you ALWAYS respond! hahaha

I love you and hope you have a great week! Keep Patrícia, Ana Paula, Carlos, George, Paulo and Camile in your prayers please.

c/ amor de Sião,
Sister Bido

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 54 - Vila Sonia - Angels in Idaho

My week was blessed by an angel living in Idaho this week. We recieved a referral from some woman in the US, recommending us to visit her friend that just so happens to live on our same street and who just so happens to be incredibly prepared by the Lord to be baptized and change his life.

So my week was amazing. It was great, and it was tiring, and every sacrifice, every step, every foot pain, every headache, and every stomach growl was worth it. We had the most spiritual experience that I´ve experienced on my mission this week with an incredible woman, Neuza. She was the only person that recieved us on Wednesday after walking in the sun the entire day for miles and miles. She immidiately opened her door for us and told us that she wanted our help to change her life. Before we even offered, she accepted. We had a lot of success with another investigator this week, Rita. Since we taught her the word of wisdom last week, she hasn´t done any druggs since then. She called us every day whenever she felt like doing something and we talked her out of it every time. Another investigator we took to the temple, since we´re the temples neighbor, was Claudia who will be baptized in November! She absolutely loved the temple and it went like this..

"How beautiful and peaceful.. what do I have to do to be able to enter into all the rooms?" and that´s how it started! I also recieved the good news that 2 of our people we left in Vila Yara with baptism dates worked out and were baptized yesterday just like we had planned! Luciano and Janete! WOOOOOHOOOOO :)

We also had some hilarious moments this week. Our apartment flooded because the drain was stopped up.. we waited the entire day just for the plumbers to come and say that the pipes were clogged up with hair.. imagine 4 heads of hair down to your butt.. that´s how much hair they pulled out. So while they were doing their job, we planned our training that we gave Thursday morning! We dressed up like elders and took a video of how to acompany the sisters. It was hilarious, but you´ll have to wait to see the video after my mission! Another funny thing that happened this week was when we drank pure blackberry juice for lunch. Literally blackberries, and some water mixed in the blender. Afterwards, we discovered that sister Modesto is allergic while running home for to get into the bathroom! We ran up the biggest hill in the area, so when we got home, she ran in to the bathroom and I collapsed on the floor. While waiting for her, I fell asleep thrown on the floor. When I woke up, she was also thrown on the floor passed out!!!!! It was the funniest sight to see.

My testimony has continued to grow even more this week as the members continue to help us. I am so thankful for this gospel and for the difficulties that I have passed and that I have in my mission. I have become such a stronger person.. (we had FHE with John the Baptist last night!!!!)

Testifico que a igreja é verdadeira e que Deus vive e Cristo é o nosso Salvador.

Amo todos vocês e espero que a vossa semana seja boa.

com amor de Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 53 - Vila Sonia - Preparing His Elects

what a weeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!

being your trainer´s companion a second time after 1 year is the second greatest thing that can happen in your life! being your trainer´s companion a second time after 1 year and opening the area with her is the absolute greatest thing that can happen! here in vila sônia, not too much is different than Vila Yara. The area is extremely tiny, but extremely rich. It´s actually richer than Vila Yara.. which is really rich. Seriously. There are so many members here and the ward is super active ans strong! We didn´t teach that much this week because the people here aren´t very receptive, but the people that we did find and teach and absolute angels!!!!

So Wednesday, I went to a sealing at the temple of a family from Jardim Celeste! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!! And it was also great to see my old friends and families from Taboão!

So finally, the hot weather is returning! I think we walked 1,003 miles this week in the sun, but we laughed and sang while doing it. Yesterday at church, we had our first investigator come with us. Claudia! We´re so excited to be here, no matter how dificult it is or how hot it will be. The Lord is preparing His elects here in Vila Sônia and we´re going to find every single one of them!

we´ve got a lot to do today (clean the apartment because the elders left it wrecked) so this email was quick. next week it will be better!

Tchau, amo vocês!!!!

com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 60 - Vila Sonia - A Week of Open Hearts

This week was an interesting one. I don´t know if you guys heard about the tragidy that happened in Brasil this week, but it was extremely sad. The entire country is torn apart from it. This week, we decided to change our game plan and make our work more interesting. We have to decided to start at one point of the area, going to every single house on every single road talking to every single person. I lost count of how many doors we knocked on when we got to 871 this week. We´ve found so many new people and are so excited as the Lord is revealing his elects. Our investigator, Marisol, that should be baptized this Sunday is moving back to Bolivia next week so we decided that it´s not right to baptize her yet. She will be baptized in Bolivia and start her new life with her new ward and friends there! Friday, we went on splits again and the craziest things happened! I went to Butantã to stay with S. Medeiros. The first thing that happened was when we got to there house and saw that someone had robbed the gate door right off the hinges.. HOW CRAZY!!!!!! The next thing that happened was when we followed a strang man to his house to meet his family. As soon as he opened the gate door, an insane dog ran out and started biting my skirt trying to pull it off me!!! When I saw S. Medeiros, she was screaming and trying to climb up the wall. When we finally entered into the house, the man told us that he could feel that we had came here with bad intentions. Since it was her investigator and her area, I waited for S. Medeiros to respond but she was absolutely shocked and speechless. Out of no where, I found the courage to respond with all the confidence in the world who we were, representatives of our Savior, and that we were there to change his life and bless his family. He stared at me and we waited.. I could feel the spirit there testifying that what I said was true, and then he apologized and invited us to sit down. We ended up teaching his entire family of 16 people and invited all them to be baptized Christmas morning. It´s surely going to be a white Christmas in Butantã! Afterwards, we had to come back and sleep in our apartment in Vila Sônia with S. Modesto and N. Oliveira because of the door to the house and caught a ride with a member and rode in the back of his pick up truck all the way there hahahahaha, it was such a crazy experience!! On Sunday, we had a huge lunch with all of the recent converts, less actiove members and investigators that we take care of. President and sister Thomas came and it was super fun. After the lunch, there was sooooo much leftover food so we took it to an orphanage nearby. This coming week, we have 3 days of splits planned and a million meetings....woooohooooooo!!!!!

I believe in the miracle of forgiveness, that Christ lives, and that the Priesthood has been restored to the earth.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.

have a great week, love you all! and no mom, nothing has arrived yet!

if you send something for christmas, please remember my dear companion sister modesto!!!!

love you!!!!
c amor da Vila Sônia,

Sister Bido

Week 51 - Vila Yara - Pneumonia, Conference, Book of Mormon

hello pnemonia!!!!! WOO HOOOOO seja bem-vindo em minha vida :)))))))
it´s true, for the past 2 weeks I´ve had pnemonia but just found out this week.

Thursday and Friday I was told that I was "prohibitted" to go onto the street.. how crazy!

Luckily, Saturday and Sunday I got to stay in the church the entire day watching the conference.

Tuesday we had zone conference and i recieved my trunky letter! I´ll be flying back to the states on MARCH 28th! But this was my week. I slept a wholeeeeeee lot and finished the book of mormon again!