Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 35 - Jardim Celeste - Quando Inverno Parece Inferno

Every thought that I ever had about Brasil before my mission has been changed.. especially because IT SNOWED THIS WEEK?!?!?!?!?! Not in Sao Paulo but here in Brasil! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that snow existed in Brasil. My companion is suffering from the cold. She´s from Fortaleza and never used a cardigan in her life. 3 days this week we woke up being able to see our breath in the air while we were inside our house. It´s obvious that the houses don´t have air conditioner, so it´s also obvious that they also don´t have heat. I´ve literally been spoiled all my life long.

BUTTTTTTT, this week flew by and I don´t remember everything that happened. I now have 8 months of mission, how crazy! Time is flying by and I´m not liking it!!! We started working in a new part of the area and going to literally every house in the street. We found Junior, a pure miracle who even went to church yesterday. We also found a new family with 2 sons, but they need to get married first! So hopefully we´re going to start organizing another wedding. Tuesday night we bought 50 mini coxinhas to celebrate my 8th birthday! Yesterday Amanda, Felipe, Eva, and Junior went to church. AManda and Felipe will be baptized on saturday. Eva´s mom has not authorized the baptism of her yet.. so we´re still working on that. Junior we plan on marcing his date of baptism for the day 26! Pray that everything works out :)

Friday night I recieved a call from the assistants inviting me to the dedication of the new church building in Vargem Grande! So saturday, after 4 buses and 4 hours later, we arrived in Vargem once again! It was so weird being in my first area. But it seemed like nothing had changed there. It was amazing seeing all the members from there and Nina!! The dedicatory prayer was the most beautiful thing I´ve ever heard. And afterwards, remember the grand daughter of Nina that we were teaching while I was there? Her mom finally authorized her baptism and Saturday night was baptized in the new church building. Fruits of the Gospel...
Em fim, it was a perfect night.

Today we got up, cleaned the house and went to the mall finally! I bought a pair of boots for R$100. That´s so cheap!!! But anywyas, today we´re going back to the house and we are going to make a grand salad with mango and chicken, then sleeeeeeep!!!!!!

This week I´ve been studying the book of Moses. The creation and the role of Adam and Eve is so interesting and amazing. Heavenly Father literally created a plan for every single one of us that all fit into His great plan. And He made it all perfectly..

Have a great week everyone, I love you all!
com amor,
Sister Bido

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