Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 46 - Vila Yara - Family of Elects

Yall.... WHAT A WEEK.

Actually, I don´t remember anything that happened.

Monday night, we taught about the Book of Mormon with our family of elects! It was so amazing! I let Sister N Oliveira guide the lesson as part of her training this week and she killed it! It was such a great lesson, even though they did over a thousand questions! They recieved us well and accepted to pray and ask The Lord with an open heart and real intention if The Book of Mormon is true. Everytime I share my testimony about this book I feel myself being strengthened.

This week passed by so fast, seriously. The time is flying by and it´s scaring me!! AHHHHH! 6 weeks here in Vila Yara! How crazy!

But anyways, we had a day pass by when not a single person recieved us. All of our apointments were cancelled or fell through, so we decided to choose a random road and go to every house until someone wanted to answer the door.. but even that didn´t work out. Another day this week, we had lunch with Vivian and Craig and they took us out to a Japonese buffet. It was so great, except the fact that I had to eat with chopsticks and that´s just really not the greatest talent I have.. SUPRESO?!

Just imagine.. trying to eat everything, literally everything.. including japonese onion rings.. with chop sticks. Seriously, it´s not easy.

Yesterday at church was a great day. None of our investigators went, but one of our less actives that we´re working with finally came to church with us. It was so incrível! But last night we didn´t end the night very well. We deffinitekly have our share of challenges here in this area. Difficulties in the area, with the people, with the members.. but we´re trying and we´re being blessed for our effort. I already said one time that I understood so much more about the Atonement of Christ, but last night I felt like I finally understood even more, for real this time. As we suffered with a family of recent converts and tried to keep them from falling apart, we felt their suffering and it was the hardest thing I´ve passed through in my mission.

I am so thankful to know who my Savior is and to know how much He loves me to have suffered for me like He did. I love Him. I know how perfect He is, and I know that the church he established is also perfect. I love this Gospel and I am so thankful for every miracle I´ve seen, and every tear I´ve shed.

Hope everyone has a great week! Eu vos amo e esporo o melhor por todos!

com grande amor,
Sister Bido

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