Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 37 - Jardim Celeste - Sunday of Miracles

WELLLLLLLLL, we had church at 2 o´clock yesterday and it was the weirdest feeling of my life! Waking up at 6:30am on a sunday to not even get ready for church...weird. so weird. INSTEAD, we got up, studied, and then went prosilyting for a few hours. We finally found a young girl that we had talked with in the street a few weeks back and decided to teach her about The Book of Mormon. She absolutely loved it, so we invited her to come to church with us and she accepted. So after lunch, we ran to her house to meet up with her and we walked to church together! None of the members are liking the hour change at church, but all the investigators and recent converts are loving it!! 7 investigators in the church yesterday, including Rodrigo and Junior and Felipe who have already been attending! Yesterday was a Domingo of pure milagres!

Saturday we had such a busy day. I don´t know what we were thinking when we decided to mark 9 appointments in 1 day.. BUT everything worked out. We were able to make it to 6 out of the 9 that we had. One of the families that we taught are friends with the bishop here who also works in the temple on maintenance. The dad of the family works with the bishop in the temple, and he told us about a few amazing experiences that he had had in the temple and about the feeling he gets everytime he enters. The Spirit was with us and was so incredibly powerful. I´m absolutely sure that this family felt the truth about the Restored Gospel.

Throughout the week we found 16 new investigators! It was an awesome and much needed week of work, especially after loosing a few days last week. Sister D Sousa is cured and now I have a tiny cold, but we´re being soldiers out here! Junior is an amazing young man with such a strong testimony already! We´re just waiting on the approval of his parents so that he can be baptized, but all is looking well!

This week I learned how to make a new desert and also homemade ramen noodles while teaching my companion The Star Spangled Banner! With the 4th of July being only a week away, she´s got a lot of learning to do!!

BUT, the church is true annnnnnnnd I wouldn´t be on a mission if I didn´t know this, just like Christ wouldn´t have given His life if He didn´t know that the perfect, eternal, huge plan Heavenly Father created was perfect and possible.

Love you all!
com amor,
Sister Bido

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