Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 50 - Vila Yara - An Area of Green Coconuts

 To say this week was a better week would be like saying Donald Trump is just a little crazy..
This week was WAAAAAAY better and Donald Trump is WAAAAY crazy. The Brazilians think that if he wins, he´ll end up starting another world war and then it´ll be like the people in the end of The Book of Mormon when everyone is destroyed and dies.. and since when does North Carolina decide to go crazy like they´re going right now? Luckily, everything here in Osasco is calm.. or at least calmer than there!

We had our house dedicated this week after a long month of strange happenings. When I finally woke up to find my companion with bite marks on her side and her calf scratched up.. we decided that there was no way to deny what was happenings. After Adilson dedicated our house Tuesday night, Wednesday is when everything started to get better. People started opening their doors for us. Yesterday we had 3 investigators come to church, and 4 more less actives that we also helped to come. Missionary work without the Spirit is just 2 people with cool nametags and a lot of courage. We knew that we had enterred into a house that we shouldn´t have a month ago and ever since that day, nothing has gone right in our area. We know now to be more careful and more aware and TRUST in our guide. We´re excited to continue working in Vila Yara, no matter how hard it may be. I think this is the area that I´m learning and progressing the most.

We also were on our way home one night and passed a little street market that was selling green coconuts for R$1.. for those of you that don´t know, green coconuts are extremely hard to open and save the water that´s inside. So what did we do? We bought 6 of them hahahaha. When we got to our apartment, the doormen used their knives and opened them for us. It was hilarious watching them struggle, but it all worked out great!

So my filhinha will be turning 3 months old this week and we´re going to have the party of our lives here! It´s so fun and cute training someone, seriosuly. At first I was annoyed that she was doing everything exactly like I was doing and copying what I was doing.. but that´s what she´s supposed to do. She´s learning from me and I´m shaping her into an amazing Sister Missionary! It´s so crazy that in 2 weeks, we´ll be finishing her training!

So an amazing experience that happened this week was yesterday at church. We had a couple walk in, out of no where, and sit down. So we went and talked with them! Guess what! They sent 2 daughters to Idaho as foreign exchange students and they are both staying with Mormon Families there! So this couple came to learn more about our church and the kind of things that their daughters will be doing with these families in Idaho Falls! How crazy and funny! It was so awesome.

But this was my week for yáll. Charlotte has turned savage.. se cuidem meus amigos.

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