Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 40 - Jardim Celeste - No Space to be Fearful

Yesterday we recieved transfers calls.. and after 6 months I will finally be leaving Jardim Celeste and recieve a new companion in a new area. First off, I will be training and secondly, we will be opening an area that hasn´t had missionaries for 10 months. I´m not sure if I´m more excited or nervous to be opening this area or to be training!

BUT, this week was extraordinarily great! It passed by super fast, but every day was amazing. Sister D Sousa had her birthday this week so we had a huge party with Katiene and Claudio and the kids. We also had a huge FHE with Fabi and Amanda and Felipe. We finally also had another FHE with Cintia and Laio and the kids! I loooooove all these great families here!

Luzinete is all set and ready to be baptized this Sunday, foreal this time. WOOHOO! But I´m so sad that I´m not even going to be here to see her.

Juliana and Gabriel prayed about The Restoration and Book of Mormon and recieved an answer so incredibly strong as soon as they said amen. They told us that they want to accept The Gospel of Christ in their lives and progress in the church. Another beautiful family we found by miracle.

Last night Junior´s sister Barbara had her engagement party! We set the date for her wedding August 27! Woooooooo freakin hoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

a few other things we did this week:
i died Sister D Sousa´s hair this week...... :)
actually i gave her highlights!! and we freaked out from being so nervous.
the mission teaches you many things, especially how to be resourceful and creative. there´s no space to be fearful!

i love you guys and hope every one had a great week. i feel like my mission is about to get even harder with this transfer but i´m ready and prepared and relying fully on The Lord. I love my Savior and I love my Heavenly Father.

com amor,
Sister Bido

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