Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 8 - Ibiúna and Vargem Grande - Giving Everything - Sister Bido

Cada Semana e sempre melhor! So this week was a lot better.  I decided that I don´t really like Sundays yet because I´m not too sure how to communicate with everyone and I have a lot harder time conversing about things that aren´t of the gospel because I don´t know too many of the words.  Mom, have no fear! I have another mom here.  More like grandma but mom.  So we have a woman we visit every night at 8:30 because she´s non active and was just baptized 3 years ago.  Her name is Josefina and she is precious! She´s around 60 years old.  Everything we need, she takes care of for us if we´re starving, she´ll make Jantar for us.  My companion, if she needs anything, usually Josefina buys it for her.  We never leave her house without a bag of food with us, either bread or eggs.  We don´t ask for it, but it´s inevitable.  Also, so we have 4 missionaries in our house.  One of them is American so it´s nice whenever I really need something or can’t understand something important, she helps me out.  We also decided that we´ll vent to each other in English only on PDays because it’s extremely hard to express our feelings and tell stories in Portuguese. 

So Tuesday, we have a new investigator named Fatima.  We first met her in the street her house is on, and while we were standing there talking to her, this dog comes up behind me and pees on my feet.  Literally lifts his leg and pees all over my feet.  No one else noticed so I tried not to make a big deal and acted like nothing happened, because it was HER dog!!!!!! Lucky I was wearing my crocs because it was a rainy day.  But literally the rest of the day dogs kept coming up to me and sniffing my feet and I was so paranoid another dog was going to try to mark me.  So yes, I now have a new fear.  But back to Fatima.  She´s a really humbling person.  Her house is 1 room, with a couch, a bed, a set of bunkbeds and a stove.  She has a husband, 2 daughters, and a son and 6 dogs and 3 cats.  She has 1 outfit, and it doesn´t fit her.  She wants to be baptized and that’s our plan for her, but she has health issues with her heart and didn´t make it to church this Sunday.  We visited her another day for another lesson and after we asked if there was anything we could do to help her, she cried because she feels that her youngest daughter who is 15 is ashamed of her so Fatima wants us to find more clothes for her daughters, if we´re able.  So we´re working on a project now in the ward to start a donation to clean out closets since summer is coming.  If not, I already know which clothes I´m going to give her. 

We marked 4 other people for baptisms this past week, so it´s going to be a white Christmas here! (because the field will be clean) so I’m actually really excited for this month.  Natal is huge here and even all the other churches go crazy over board with decorations and stuff.  So a thing I´ve noticed, no one hangs pictures on their walls or decorates the insides of their house.  Probably because it’s all concrete.  And another thing, everyone always wears jeans!!!! At fist I thought it was crazy, but now I understand.  It gets extremely freezing after 7 at night.  and also, if people only have pants, they don’t need to have different clothes for the winter.  So really nothing else awesome happened this week.  Except that we have a family of investigators, and remember the homeless guy that I helped last week and gave my cake too? Cidney is not homeless.. he lives with this family.  So that was awkward and surprising, but cool none the less. 

I really am so very grateful to be serving the Lord at this time.  It’s frustrating and it’s hard but I don´t want to be doing anything else.  The Lord sacrificed His Son and Christ gave his LIFE so that we can return to The Lord.  So I will sacrifice these next 16 months and give everything I have. 

And mom, I don’t know when we Skype yet.  We have a zone conference tomorrow so I´ll try to find out.  We haven’t gone to the temple or worked outside the temple, we’re too far away! I need my black skirt that I was going to take but didn’t, and my blue and white polka dot skirt! My clothes are ugly on me now.. OH.  eventually I’ll need more deodorant, but I’m fine for now for sure.  I’m good on everything else.  I would like the mint chocolate covered Oreos, Tristan will know what I’m talking about!!! Thanks for the sour patch kids, they saved my life.  And about Aunt Dot, that´s really cool and really awesome because I had a really strong feeling about that.  

Questions Answered-
Our church is a concrete building like you find on St Simon's. The ward is bigger than ours, and more people come!! Yesterday all 8 of us missionaries sang in sacrament and it was way cool!

Most days start out rough but they always end great! I bought us ice cream this week, that helped it get better!

I've truly been blessed, the language is going great for me! At the first I was like is this the language I learned in the CTM?

On p-day we just hang out around the house, we made a cake and talked. We're in a mountainy rural area with nothing to do.We bought groceries but there is no market here or shops. 

I don't eat breakfast, I eat a banana every morning. I'm starting to like the food! and my feet are Marvelous!!! HaHa!!!

P.S. I found out my companion's family hasn't sent or emailed her anything, I'm happy to share with her. She loves lemon heads as much as me and peanut butter!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 7 - Ibiúna and Vargem Grande - Be Grateful - Sister Bido

You better fall in love with this email because I just walked 3 miles to write it.  So everything’s been a blur and all the days ran in together.  

Tuesday we left the CTM at 7am and arrived at the mission home.  We had interviews with the president and then we went to the church beside and had lunch and after we were introduced to our companions.  My companion is Sister Modesto and she is 23.  After, we waited 2 hours for a bus to take us from Sao Paulo to our area.  Our area is Ibuona and Jardim Grande.  It’s not rich but it’s not the poorest it could be.  There are quite a few wealthy people here but also a lot of poor.  It’s a huge area!!!! Anyways, after we got here, there are 4 of us in our little house.  A total of 8 missionaries in our ward with 4 elders.  The first day was excruciatingly painful because I was nervous and scared and understood nothing and couldn’t talk.  Our area is the furthest in the mission so the onibus took us 2 hours away.  It sucked.  We didn’t eat dinner.  

It rains every day!! Mostly at night, but usually showers randomly so I always have my umbrella.  I’ve probably walked around 60 miles this week, maybe more.  I’m not really sure.  The area is really hilly too so that’s fun.  Also, no one walks on the sidewalks, it’s weird.  We always walk in the middle of the street and cars just go around us.. how strange.  There are dogs everywhere!!!!! and the dogs are nice but it’s a mission rule to not pet stray dogs.  I never have water so I’m always thirsty.  Yes I use my LifeStraw bottle, but there´s this one dog we pass chained up every day and never has water so I always give him water, and all the other dogs too because its breaks my heart.. 

Also, yesterday we received cake to take home with us after church and on our way home there was a man with crutches and 1 leg going up the biggest hill in our area and I gave him my cake because I’m positive he was homeless.  Thursday night, we met with an investigator and committed her to baptism, so that was awesome.  I made her this cute bookmark with Moroni´s promise on it and she loved it!

So the computer I’m using, we have to pay for every 10 minutes we use.. how freaking crazy, and we only have $130 Reais (pronounced hey-ice) each month to spend.  

We have lunch with a member every day, except Pdays, all 8 of us.  Usually the food is alright, but I just don’t like it that much.  Thursday we had lunch at this woman’s house up on a mountain up a 2 mile giant dirt hill.  It was literally absolutely the worst climb of my life.. imagine Crowder’s but all steep and muddy because it just rained all night long.  Yep.  But on the bright side, we got up there and all was awesome.  Her house was awesome and basically a mansion in Brasil.  Inside her gate, she had a soccer field in her front yard, and a pool, and a huge house.  So every house is guarded with a giant gate or fence.  EVERY.  It doesn´t matter how poor the person is, there are bars and a gate/ whatever around the house, and there are only houses here, no apartments.  Anyways, so this lady literally had a buffet for us, and then a buffet of ice cream after!!! Brasil has the best ice cream in the entire world!!!!

We take the onibus at least 2 times a day because of how huge our area is, but that’s okay.  So we have 2 baptisms in December.  One on the 5th and another on the 12th.  Christmas is huge here, it´s awesome.  Basically my days consist of waking up, jogging around our neighborhood with another sister, studying, then working, then lunch, then working and working and walking and walking until 9 at night.  The bugs are not crazy or exotic yet, in fact the only thing annoying about them is the mosquitoes.  I did get eaten alive yesterday in this one neighborhood.  

So a really interesting thing is that at night when it’s not raining, people start fires on the sidewalk and everyone just drops their trash there and burns it.  

Mom, I did get the package with ramen and stuff and the battery.  Nothing was opened and all is well.  Thank you very much for it all! My health is fine.  I’ve now lost 9 kilos since I’ve been in Brasil...  so all of my clothes are huge and my skirts look weird on me now.  Sleeping is fine, air conditioning does not exist.  My heart is sad a lot but its works fine.  I’ve become very humbled.  We have a washer for our clothes and then we have to hang them to dry them.  My companion is really awesome, she talks and talks and is totally okay that I don’t completely understand every story she’s telling me.  All in all, this week was really good.  Tough, but good! 

OH! another interesting thing, so in our bathroom, we have a shower.... KIND OF. There's like a shower faucet and head but no actual shower.. so legit we shower and the water goes directly all over the bathroom floor and toilet and sink because I guess you could say theres a sink and toilet in our shower? totally weird

So another cool thing that happened, the night before we left the MTC, all the sisters in our district recieved priesthood blessings from one of our Elders. Elder Davis gave me a blessing of comfort that I´ll always know you're thinking of me and reminded how much support I have lifting me up.  It was really awesome blessing and his first one! So if he forgets to tell his mom that, you can!

The church is in a building like you would see on the strip at Myrtle Beach.. no computers.  And no.  I need one of the thumb drives I can insert my sd card in and transfer.

Sister Bido
Sister Bido
Brazil Sao Paulo West Mission
Rua Doutor Rui Batista Pereira, 165
Jardim Caxingui- Sao Paulo- SP
CEP: 05517-080
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 5 - CTM - Ye Must Build Your Foundation - Sister Bido

This week was also a hard one. I’m really used to the food here in the CTM, so it doesn’t sketch me out anymore. I forgot all the questions anyone asked me this week, sorry! I listened to the devotional this week without using headphones to listen to the English translation, so that was quite an accomplishment. Sunday night devotional was given by my mission presidente e his wife. After, I got to meet them and talk with them. Sister Del Guerso said I’ll be fluent by my second transfer… that’s in 12 weeks!

Nothing totally exciting happened this week, sorry to disappoint. Tuesday night, we went to see one of our investigators, but met with her neighbor. We introduced prayer, showed him how to pray, and we introduced the Book of Mormon. He was extremely interested and continued to thank us for being there. It was a really powerful and spiritual lição. At the end, I invited him to be baptized. I wasn’t shocked at all when he said that he would.

We had a new topic in TRC this week – “How to receive answers to your prayers.” There are 3 main ways we decided to teach about. Personal revelation, scripture study, and through attending church. In the end, we chose to really expound on the how part. You have to prepare yourself to be spoken to by the Lord. So what can you do to prepare yourself to receive the answers to your prayers from the Lord? All over the scriptures it says that God will do His part, IF you do yours. Also, I memorized Romans 8:36-39 in Português. I love the book of Romans. Actually I just love the scriptures so much.

Friday, our district shared our testimonies with a new district in Português about a dom da linguas – which was AWESOME! So our district is really close and it’s been a sad week. We have to leave each other. Tomorrow we say bye to all our instructors and that’s going to be really sad. I’m going to be so nervous and wrecked and stressed on Monday. It’s like leaving my family all over again for my mission. Totally not prepared for this. But I’m so excited and ready to be in the field! I love you guys and am so grateful for your support and love!

I found out today that one day a week the missionaries in my mission get to go to the temple and greet people from the street and talk about the temple and tour the waiting room and discuss the meaning of the pictures!

Our focus this week was on Helaman 5:12, another one of my favorites! And Ether 12:27!

Paz e bênçãos com amor!

Sister Bido

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Question wrap up..
1) They do not give us water filters.
2) They have not taught us about safety or cultural differences.
3) We do our own laundry. Each district is assigned a time each week.

Week 4 - CTM - For My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures - Sister Bido

Thank you for the cookies again and sundae! Next time get me a cookie shake, those are the best I hear!

Last Friday was really fun, nothing to interesante, mas muito divertido. Our district usually hangs out together the whole time so that’s always a blast. Before I forget, can you find out what happens when I leave the MTC, if I still get letters from there at the mission home or what? It usually takes 4-5 days to get your letters at the CTM from them, so the last day you can send me letters would be Thursday morning.

Anyways, Saturday was Halloween but we didn’t celebrate anything unfortunately. We had a huge lunch, then started our 24 hour fast. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds at all. In church, I bore my testimony on á dom da linguas and the power of Deus. We had a devotional about how we can measure our love for Christ by how well we keep His commandments. We also learned about sacrifice and deliverance.

The scriptures are my absolute best friend, as well as Jesus. I know him so well now that I’ve started thinking like him more often. 2 Nephi 4:15, 16. Read the scriptures and apply them to your life. You will be changed. I love Jesus Christ and this gospel.

Thursday, a bird flew into our room and didn’t want to leave, so that just screamed the dia was going to be estrano. It rained all week, so when we left our window open we received a miniature flood. I wish I brought my Patagonia! I don’t regret the amount or style of clothes I brought.

Every building in my area is just about covered in graffiti and we think it signified a level of poverty. My Português is improving rapido and my district says I’m the most improved. 2 of them know Spanish so they are almost practically fluent and another girl studied a lot before so me and her are on the same level. I just work really hard to stay focused during class. I don’t want the reason I fail someone of their eternal salvation be that I didn’t know how to answer.

Jessica, my most difficult investigator finally committed to baptism after 17 lessons (I think). We went to the Campinas temple this morning and I went through the veil in Português for the first time! It was so awesome. Afterwards, I bought a Livro De Mormon from the distribution center and everyone on our van signed their name and favorite verse and I gave it to our instructor and he is writing his testimony in it right now and as soon as the van stops he is going to give it to the driver. How exciting!

It’s about to rain, so I’ll get to try my umbrella out today when we go out.

I love you all.