Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 67 - Caucaia - An Elder and a Pot Holder

I´m going to start off with the best news in the world by saying that one more soul here in São Paulo was brought to the Lord this Sunday. Maurício´s baptism worked out perfectly and was amazing. We had so much support from the ward! Saturday was a rough day and we had to move his baptism to Sunday at the last minute.. and almost all the ward went to support him and us.. at 8am Sunday morning. It was so amazing!

So this week we had interviews with President Thomas and went all the way to São Paulo. We ate lunch in the temple and it was such another spiritual experience. I miss having the temple in my area, seriously. But anyways, my interview was great and really comforting.. so strange to think I only have one more. I was able to understand my purpose here in Caucaia, which is to help the bishop. Saturday morning I was able to do exactly that with all humility that was in me and I can tell that I am fulfilling my purpose. Yesterday at church, we didn´t have all the investigators there that we had expected, but our family that we´re teaching came. Our area is extremely far away from the church, almost an hour walking. This family lives in the very middle of our huge area so it´s almost 2 hours walking to get to church, and they came. They came, and they came barefoot. Patrícia, Eduardo, Ana Paulo, Carlos, Paulo, and Camile. I was humbly reminded of why I came on a mission. I did not come on a mission to baptize a million people or to baptize every person in the street. I came on a mission because I realized how great the Atonement is and that not everyone knew about this atoning sacrifice. I came on a mission because I realized that are so many people in this world who don´t know who Jesus Christ is or don´t know what He did for us. Teaching this family that we he a Savior, a brother who loves us and who bleed from every pore of His body for us, who made the path for us to return to our loving Father in Heaven is the greatest experience I´ve had in my mission. I stayed on my mission because I knew that there were more people who needed to hear my testimony of Jesus Christ. Thursday, we went after 1 reference that we had recieved. We walked the entire day without a map trying to find her, but we never found her. We walked the entire day until 7pm and got extremely lost. We were in the middle of the woods without a house in sight. It was starting to get dark and we had no idea where we were or where we should go. We also didn´t know why The Lord had guided us to that point and wasted the entire day walking in the woods. We decided to turn back. After about an hour of walking, we found a little boy running on the path and decided to follow him. We followed him to his house and starting talking with his mom. It was the first time in my mission, and in my life, that I found someone who had never heard of Jesus Christ before. We had the most spiritual lesson, and then got lost coming home. We found ourselves on the main road finally and called for a member to come help us. We got home at almost midnight, but it was worth it. I knew that The Lord had guided us to find this woman and her son and testify to them about Jesus Christ.

Every area has their difficulties and every area makes you stronger. I love serving The Lord and I love learning more about my Savior´s love for me everyday.

I also went on splits in Cotia this week and met a family really quickly that lives there who has a pot holder signed by a million Elders.. including Elder Funderburk!!!

I hope you all have a great week, love you so much and miss you all so much!

com amor de Caucaia Sião,
Sister Bido

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