Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 60 - Vila Sonia - A Week of Open Hearts

This week was an interesting one. I don´t know if you guys heard about the tragidy that happened in Brasil this week, but it was extremely sad. The entire country is torn apart from it. This week, we decided to change our game plan and make our work more interesting. We have to decided to start at one point of the area, going to every single house on every single road talking to every single person. I lost count of how many doors we knocked on when we got to 871 this week. We´ve found so many new people and are so excited as the Lord is revealing his elects. Our investigator, Marisol, that should be baptized this Sunday is moving back to Bolivia next week so we decided that it´s not right to baptize her yet. She will be baptized in Bolivia and start her new life with her new ward and friends there! Friday, we went on splits again and the craziest things happened! I went to Butantã to stay with S. Medeiros. The first thing that happened was when we got to there house and saw that someone had robbed the gate door right off the hinges.. HOW CRAZY!!!!!! The next thing that happened was when we followed a strang man to his house to meet his family. As soon as he opened the gate door, an insane dog ran out and started biting my skirt trying to pull it off me!!! When I saw S. Medeiros, she was screaming and trying to climb up the wall. When we finally entered into the house, the man told us that he could feel that we had came here with bad intentions. Since it was her investigator and her area, I waited for S. Medeiros to respond but she was absolutely shocked and speechless. Out of no where, I found the courage to respond with all the confidence in the world who we were, representatives of our Savior, and that we were there to change his life and bless his family. He stared at me and we waited.. I could feel the spirit there testifying that what I said was true, and then he apologized and invited us to sit down. We ended up teaching his entire family of 16 people and invited all them to be baptized Christmas morning. It´s surely going to be a white Christmas in Butantã! Afterwards, we had to come back and sleep in our apartment in Vila Sônia with S. Modesto and N. Oliveira because of the door to the house and caught a ride with a member and rode in the back of his pick up truck all the way there hahahahaha, it was such a crazy experience!! On Sunday, we had a huge lunch with all of the recent converts, less actiove members and investigators that we take care of. President and sister Thomas came and it was super fun. After the lunch, there was sooooo much leftover food so we took it to an orphanage nearby. This coming week, we have 3 days of splits planned and a million meetings....woooohooooooo!!!!!

I believe in the miracle of forgiveness, that Christ lives, and that the Priesthood has been restored to the earth.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.

have a great week, love you all! and no mom, nothing has arrived yet!

if you send something for christmas, please remember my dear companion sister modesto!!!!

love you!!!!
c amor da Vila Sônia,

Sister Bido

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