Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 69 - Caucaia - Ice Cream Every Day

Hey guyssssss!

Nothing awesome happened this week, just went on splits every single day. So we´ll be wakaing up at7am and coming home at 10am. Here in Caucaia, we live in a house. Our house is on top ofthe best icecream shop. It´s so great, wewake up, walk down the stairs,gooutside, and buy icecream for R$2 every day.

We hand wash our clothes as soon as we dirty them and put them out to dry right away because of the rain. It takes forever for our clothes to dry, especially this week. My luggage is shrinking. I bought garments one time, and thats what I keep forgetting to write! I´m going to destroy all my garments before coming home becausethey are HORRIBLE.

And my area is just little prarie trails and woods and trees and cardboard shacks. We dont live in our area, we live in the other sisters´ area. Yes, we live with 2 more sisters. Sister Correia and Sister Brown. We live in the center of the town which is only 1 road.

This is my companion, Sister Santos, last week on her mission! Its so crazy that I have ony 7 weeks left. You´ve got to be kidding me....

anyways,love you!!!

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