Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 61 - Vila Sonia - Don't Eat the Last Marshmallow

Caroling in Brasil just isnt the same thing.. Seriously. But it was still fun! This week we had a million activities at church. One night we went caroling at our investigators house and gave pictures of Christ to them. Another night, we had a christmas talent show and a dinner. At thr talent show, sister modesto and i were the stars! I wrote another song about Christ's birth to the tune of She will be loved and my lovely companion played the guitar! It was awesome, seriously. We also had mission tour this week with the area president of Brasil and learned a million things! Last night we had the devocional of the first presidency and it was amazing. It was só funny watching elder Holland trying to speak portuguese with US!!!! We also went on splits again this week with sister namauu and sister Melo from Raposo! It was a little complicated and difficult, bit it was cool being sister namauu's companion again for a day!

The other day my companion and i had a little disagreement and She went and closes herself in the bathroom. After about at hour, i was really annoyed and ready to leave but She was protesting her si de of the argumento. Só while i was waiting for her to stop being crazy hahahaha i remembered that i still had 2 marshmallow left from the pack that mom went me. Usually, we only eat them on especial occasions and always together... But i was ready to eat them both because i was só aggravated. Somethimg kept me from eatimg them both and saving them for US to eat later.. But them my inner animal Camé out and i ate them both. As soon as i shoved them in my mouth, sister modesto Camé out and apologized and gave me hug. Why did i eat the last !marshmallow!!!!!!!!

Só anyways, this week we havê a million splits to go on and we are só Busy with everything going on! This morning we went shopping in the center of osasco and tonight we havê an important appointment with new investigators wanting to be baptized! Wooohoooooo!

Our christmas party this year will be on the 21st. I still havê no idea about skype but it will be on christmas day, probably at night. Love you all and hope everyone hás a great week!!!!!

Com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

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