Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 63 - Vila Sonia - Popsicles and Cake

Good morning! It was great "seeing you guys" hahahaha! I want Jordan's email.

So this week I won't be spending any time in my area, I'll be spending every day of this week in a different area each day.

We actually received permission to use the computers at Neide's house! and I'm pretty calm about time passing, I'm not in any hurry to finish my mission because I'm nervous about my real life. I'm not completely sure about college and so I just try not to think about it. The time is passing by way too fast and I'm not ready for my mission to end!

I'm just going to stay here in Brazil selling popsicles and cake in the road from a little hand truck for the rest of my life.

Well, I love you, gotta go! The elder that Baptized Sister Modesto 3 years ago is in Sao Paulo so we're going to eat lunch him and his wife now.

Love youuuuu thanks for everything!

Have a great weeeeeeek!

Week 59 - Vila Sonia - A Week of Baptisms

We're having Internet trouble here so I'm not going to have time to write you.

Fabiana came to one of our Baptisms this week and it was awesome.

We had Titto's Baptism on Saturday then Neide's Baptism on Sunday.

We're going to the Temple today. Later if the Internet is fixed I'll write you.

Love you!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 71 - Caucaia - Walk Until You Fall

What a week.. seriously. I have my new companion, Sister Cruz! She is so small and funny and we have so much fun together!

This week was absolutely exhausting and insane. As you all know, Patrícia and her family moved last week and moved again!! This week was our week to hunt them down. Every day, we walked to the very end of our neighborhood hunting down this beautiful family. After searching every trail, asking every person on the street, knocking on every shack, we came home completely dead every night. Every night, I came home with a smile on my face and trying so hard to stay positive. I knew that The Lord was testing my face and that the advesary was also playing role in the situation. I knew that I had to be strong and not give up. Every time I knocked on a door and it wasn´t them, I struggled to not feel down.

It continued like this Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. until Saturday. After fasting, pouring my heart out in prayer, and begging for the Lord´s guidance, I woke up with determination to find them to be able to bring them to church Sunday. It was 8:15pm when I was absolutely ready to give up. I was tired. I was sun burnt. I was hungry. I was sad. I was weak, and I wanted to cry. I sat myself on the sidewalk and decided with my companion that I wouldn´t stand up until I recieved some kind of sign from Heavenly Father. About 10 minutes passed by and I decided to look at the woods behind me. Who did I see? Carlos. I screamed his name with the rest of my soul´s energy and he came running! Once again, Pai Celestial gave us one more miracle. We followed Carlos to their new house and found the whole family together. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and testified of The Lord´s love for us. If we give up, we won´t ever deserve the chance to see miracles.

This week I learned how important diligence is. You can always take one more step. Walk until you fall and that will be when The Lord holds out His arms to carry you the rest of the way. I testify with all my heart that THIS is The Lord´s work. I know this family will be eternal one day. If they aren´t some of The Lord´s elects, I don´t know who is. The elects are never easy. Sunday morning we were able to catch a ride with Irmão Marcos to go pick up the family. When we got there, Ana Paulo was standing at the door waiting for us. Crying, she explained to us that her father wouldn´t let them come to church and that if any of them tried to leave, they would all have to answer to him.. It´s one thing after another. I learned that I can´t give up, and I will not give up. The advesary will not win, The Lord will.

So this was my week, getting through one huge trial just to be enfrented with an even bigger one at the end, but that´s life. These are the things that build our testimonies and make us stronger. In a world like we´re in today, we can´t afford to have a weak testimony.

Fátima´s birthday was last night so we stayed with her after church. She´s a less active who is literally crazy, so when she messages you.. it´s better that you ALWAYS respond! hahaha

I love you and hope you have a great week! Keep Patrícia, Ana Paula, Carlos, George, Paulo and Camile in your prayers please.

c/ amor de Sião,
Sister Bido

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 54 - Vila Sonia - Angels in Idaho

My week was blessed by an angel living in Idaho this week. We recieved a referral from some woman in the US, recommending us to visit her friend that just so happens to live on our same street and who just so happens to be incredibly prepared by the Lord to be baptized and change his life.

So my week was amazing. It was great, and it was tiring, and every sacrifice, every step, every foot pain, every headache, and every stomach growl was worth it. We had the most spiritual experience that I´ve experienced on my mission this week with an incredible woman, Neuza. She was the only person that recieved us on Wednesday after walking in the sun the entire day for miles and miles. She immidiately opened her door for us and told us that she wanted our help to change her life. Before we even offered, she accepted. We had a lot of success with another investigator this week, Rita. Since we taught her the word of wisdom last week, she hasn´t done any druggs since then. She called us every day whenever she felt like doing something and we talked her out of it every time. Another investigator we took to the temple, since we´re the temples neighbor, was Claudia who will be baptized in November! She absolutely loved the temple and it went like this..

"How beautiful and peaceful.. what do I have to do to be able to enter into all the rooms?" and that´s how it started! I also recieved the good news that 2 of our people we left in Vila Yara with baptism dates worked out and were baptized yesterday just like we had planned! Luciano and Janete! WOOOOOHOOOOO :)

We also had some hilarious moments this week. Our apartment flooded because the drain was stopped up.. we waited the entire day just for the plumbers to come and say that the pipes were clogged up with hair.. imagine 4 heads of hair down to your butt.. that´s how much hair they pulled out. So while they were doing their job, we planned our training that we gave Thursday morning! We dressed up like elders and took a video of how to acompany the sisters. It was hilarious, but you´ll have to wait to see the video after my mission! Another funny thing that happened this week was when we drank pure blackberry juice for lunch. Literally blackberries, and some water mixed in the blender. Afterwards, we discovered that sister Modesto is allergic while running home for to get into the bathroom! We ran up the biggest hill in the area, so when we got home, she ran in to the bathroom and I collapsed on the floor. While waiting for her, I fell asleep thrown on the floor. When I woke up, she was also thrown on the floor passed out!!!!! It was the funniest sight to see.

My testimony has continued to grow even more this week as the members continue to help us. I am so thankful for this gospel and for the difficulties that I have passed and that I have in my mission. I have become such a stronger person.. (we had FHE with John the Baptist last night!!!!)

Testifico que a igreja é verdadeira e que Deus vive e Cristo é o nosso Salvador.

Amo todos vocês e espero que a vossa semana seja boa.

com amor de Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 53 - Vila Sonia - Preparing His Elects

what a weeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!

being your trainer´s companion a second time after 1 year is the second greatest thing that can happen in your life! being your trainer´s companion a second time after 1 year and opening the area with her is the absolute greatest thing that can happen! here in vila sônia, not too much is different than Vila Yara. The area is extremely tiny, but extremely rich. It´s actually richer than Vila Yara.. which is really rich. Seriously. There are so many members here and the ward is super active ans strong! We didn´t teach that much this week because the people here aren´t very receptive, but the people that we did find and teach and absolute angels!!!!

So Wednesday, I went to a sealing at the temple of a family from Jardim Celeste! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!! And it was also great to see my old friends and families from Taboão!

So finally, the hot weather is returning! I think we walked 1,003 miles this week in the sun, but we laughed and sang while doing it. Yesterday at church, we had our first investigator come with us. Claudia! We´re so excited to be here, no matter how dificult it is or how hot it will be. The Lord is preparing His elects here in Vila Sônia and we´re going to find every single one of them!

we´ve got a lot to do today (clean the apartment because the elders left it wrecked) so this email was quick. next week it will be better!

Tchau, amo vocês!!!!

com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 60 - Vila Sonia - A Week of Open Hearts

This week was an interesting one. I don´t know if you guys heard about the tragidy that happened in Brasil this week, but it was extremely sad. The entire country is torn apart from it. This week, we decided to change our game plan and make our work more interesting. We have to decided to start at one point of the area, going to every single house on every single road talking to every single person. I lost count of how many doors we knocked on when we got to 871 this week. We´ve found so many new people and are so excited as the Lord is revealing his elects. Our investigator, Marisol, that should be baptized this Sunday is moving back to Bolivia next week so we decided that it´s not right to baptize her yet. She will be baptized in Bolivia and start her new life with her new ward and friends there! Friday, we went on splits again and the craziest things happened! I went to Butantã to stay with S. Medeiros. The first thing that happened was when we got to there house and saw that someone had robbed the gate door right off the hinges.. HOW CRAZY!!!!!! The next thing that happened was when we followed a strang man to his house to meet his family. As soon as he opened the gate door, an insane dog ran out and started biting my skirt trying to pull it off me!!! When I saw S. Medeiros, she was screaming and trying to climb up the wall. When we finally entered into the house, the man told us that he could feel that we had came here with bad intentions. Since it was her investigator and her area, I waited for S. Medeiros to respond but she was absolutely shocked and speechless. Out of no where, I found the courage to respond with all the confidence in the world who we were, representatives of our Savior, and that we were there to change his life and bless his family. He stared at me and we waited.. I could feel the spirit there testifying that what I said was true, and then he apologized and invited us to sit down. We ended up teaching his entire family of 16 people and invited all them to be baptized Christmas morning. It´s surely going to be a white Christmas in Butantã! Afterwards, we had to come back and sleep in our apartment in Vila Sônia with S. Modesto and N. Oliveira because of the door to the house and caught a ride with a member and rode in the back of his pick up truck all the way there hahahahaha, it was such a crazy experience!! On Sunday, we had a huge lunch with all of the recent converts, less actiove members and investigators that we take care of. President and sister Thomas came and it was super fun. After the lunch, there was sooooo much leftover food so we took it to an orphanage nearby. This coming week, we have 3 days of splits planned and a million meetings....woooohooooooo!!!!!

I believe in the miracle of forgiveness, that Christ lives, and that the Priesthood has been restored to the earth.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.

have a great week, love you all! and no mom, nothing has arrived yet!

if you send something for christmas, please remember my dear companion sister modesto!!!!

love you!!!!
c amor da Vila Sônia,

Sister Bido

Week 51 - Vila Yara - Pneumonia, Conference, Book of Mormon

hello pnemonia!!!!! WOO HOOOOO seja bem-vindo em minha vida :)))))))
it´s true, for the past 2 weeks I´ve had pnemonia but just found out this week.

Thursday and Friday I was told that I was "prohibitted" to go onto the street.. how crazy!

Luckily, Saturday and Sunday I got to stay in the church the entire day watching the conference.

Tuesday we had zone conference and i recieved my trunky letter! I´ll be flying back to the states on MARCH 28th! But this was my week. I slept a wholeeeeeee lot and finished the book of mormon again!

Week 39 - Jardim Celeste - No Soul Will Be Lost

4th of July was a successssss and so were the s´mores we made! We ended up not grilling hamburgers because we had FHE and the family made barbeque! Being the only American here, I´m thankful that Brasil and my Brasileiro friends supported me to support my country!

BUT, I love Brazil and I love everyone here.. "except the people all the way there in Japan because I don´t know anyone there, so I don´t know how I could love people I don´t know." -Sister D. Sousa

Sometimes we´re great representatives of Christ, other times we´re very logical and realistic! Hahahaha. This week was a great week, my companion and I had a blast!!

Tuesday we met our new president!! I left my camera at the house, sorrrrrrry for not sending a pic! But he´s so great and nice. He´s also very strict and spiritual. His wife is so sweet! And they brought their 16 year old daughter, Emily! They don´t speak any Portuguese so I had to help translate in our zone meeting when we went. Unfortunately he made the rule that we shouldn´t wear sandals... good thing it´s cold right now. I´ll ask permission again when it starts to get warm so we´re not too worried! As for the other rules, nothing changed!

Our insane hunt for new investigators has begun. We tore apart a few roads visiting every single house and talking with every single person. After finding a few people, we´re going to continue with our hunt.

Being a missionary, you realize how easy your life is... except that it´s not. You experience more and more of the Atonement every day of your life and then you feel more and more grateful for what Christ did. Sometimes I feel like there´s no way I can stay here and love these people the way I love them and watch them reject our help and continue to make wrong choice.. but then I remember that Christ did this for the entire world. We don´t have the capacity to do what He did, and that´s why it was Him who atoned for our sins. Our job is to give our all, each and every day, and at the end of the day as we retire to our beds, gets on our knees and ask The Lord if He would accept our sacrifice and work that we did today. Humility and understanding and sacrifice.

I know that Christ lives and I know that if it weren´t for him, there would not be a plan of happiness or plan of salvation. we would just be here living in sin without purpose. I love my Savior and I love helping people recognize Him.

p.s. Every bad day in my mission life ends with a game of Uno and a pan of brigadeiro

com amor,
Sister Bido

Week 56 - Vila Sonia - The Book that Changes Lives


So our apartment halloween party was a success. We gave out so much candy and met so many people! Our costumes weren´t that great, but it was still fun hahahaha. Tuesday night, we had an activity that was a blast and such a huge success. More than 80 people came to "All you can eat chocolate!!!" Except, it wasn´t a chocolate buffet that we did. We made a bunch of games and obstacle courses and people had to win or pass through to recieve chocolate. The more you won, the mroe chocolate you get. It was so great and so fun. We also had interviews with President Thomas this English... and I don´t know to say if it´s good or bad that it was the hardest part of my week. Anyways, the same night, we got permission to help our investigator Neide walk her dogs at night and then eat dinner with her, but still had to be in our room at 10:30pm. It was almost like a slumber party with her hahahaha. Saturday we went to the temple again with Neide and she absolutely loved it. Afterwards, our lunch fell through for the 4th time this week... but luckily I´ve become a cooking all-star here in Brazil, so I save us every time. I still haven´t learned to make beans but I will before I come home. It rained the entire week, excpet for today!!!!!! It´s sunny and hot and we´re extremely happy. We´re going to catch a train today and ride around the city just because Sister Modesto has never rode one before.

This week was also a very spiritual week. The best feeling in the mission is being able to fall on your knees at the end of the day to humble ask The Lord to accept the work you did that day, and then feel the certeza that you did all you could, you gave it all you had, and that Heavenly Father is proud of you. I am so happy to say that I am able to do this every day and feel this feeling every night. There is no greater satisfaction than that. One night, we felt that our investigator was needing us.. and even though she lives on the other side of town, we ran over there immediately and found her 2 little kids in the front yard crying. Luckily, we have a gate key to her house, so we let ourselves in and found her locked in the bathroom with the kitchen table full of beer cans and vodka bottles. Not a single can was opened and not a single bottle was opened. When we broke the door open, she was sitting on the floor reading The Book of Mormon, crying, with her dead cellphone in her lap. She couldn´t find her charger to be able to call us and ask for help and the temptation was too strong, so she locked herself in the bathroom.

I know that The Book of Mormon changes lives. It saves lives. I know that it´s true. I love this gospel and I love my Savior and I know that God lives.

Hope every one has a blessed week! LOVE Y´ALL!

com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 46 - Vila Yara - Family of Elects

Yall.... WHAT A WEEK.

Actually, I don´t remember anything that happened.

Monday night, we taught about the Book of Mormon with our family of elects! It was so amazing! I let Sister N Oliveira guide the lesson as part of her training this week and she killed it! It was such a great lesson, even though they did over a thousand questions! They recieved us well and accepted to pray and ask The Lord with an open heart and real intention if The Book of Mormon is true. Everytime I share my testimony about this book I feel myself being strengthened.

This week passed by so fast, seriously. The time is flying by and it´s scaring me!! AHHHHH! 6 weeks here in Vila Yara! How crazy!

But anyways, we had a day pass by when not a single person recieved us. All of our apointments were cancelled or fell through, so we decided to choose a random road and go to every house until someone wanted to answer the door.. but even that didn´t work out. Another day this week, we had lunch with Vivian and Craig and they took us out to a Japonese buffet. It was so great, except the fact that I had to eat with chopsticks and that´s just really not the greatest talent I have.. SUPRESO?!

Just imagine.. trying to eat everything, literally everything.. including japonese onion rings.. with chop sticks. Seriously, it´s not easy.

Yesterday at church was a great day. None of our investigators went, but one of our less actives that we´re working with finally came to church with us. It was so incrível! But last night we didn´t end the night very well. We deffinitekly have our share of challenges here in this area. Difficulties in the area, with the people, with the members.. but we´re trying and we´re being blessed for our effort. I already said one time that I understood so much more about the Atonement of Christ, but last night I felt like I finally understood even more, for real this time. As we suffered with a family of recent converts and tried to keep them from falling apart, we felt their suffering and it was the hardest thing I´ve passed through in my mission.

I am so thankful to know who my Savior is and to know how much He loves me to have suffered for me like He did. I love Him. I know how perfect He is, and I know that the church he established is also perfect. I love this Gospel and I am so thankful for every miracle I´ve seen, and every tear I´ve shed.

Hope everyone has a great week! Eu vos amo e esporo o melhor por todos!

com grande amor,
Sister Bido

Week 45 - Vila Yara - Uno, Popcorn, and Hot Chocolate


Being in Brasil has made me despise cold weather. So luckily, this week got hot! It was so great. It was also great that it rained for the first time in 2 months. Yesterday and today have been sooooooo cold, and pouring down rain.. but next week is supposed to get hot again.

This week was another long week that flew byyyyyy! Unfortunately, Cleide wasn´t baptized yesterday. Her 5yr old daughter got really sick and ended up in the hospital with Dengue! It was horrible and so sad, but she´s going to be okay. Cleide was so worried and scared and at the same time, upset because of her baptism. But everything is going to work out fine as soon as her daughter is healed.

Wednesday we had our multi-zone conference! It was amazing and so great to learn even more of my personal worth as a daughter of God. It´s also so great with how far I´ve come along with the language in just 10 months. There´s not anything that someone says that I don´t understand. It´s harder for me to speak English than it is to speak Portuguese. I remember my first 1st zone conference I had when I had only been here for 2 months and I didn´t hardly understand any of it!

Saturday we went on splits! Sister N. Oliveira stayed with SIster Modesto and Sister Bollar stayed with me. She´s also American and only has 2 months of mission so it was so cool being able to help her feel more comfortable and give her a push of motivation. I also realized how horrible my ENglish is when talking. It´s so CRAZY!!!!!!! She spent the whole weekend laughing at me and we had a blast, but I missed my little daughter! This weekend was so fun also becuase 2 of our investigators and a less active had birthdays! So we celebrated and made brownies for everyone!!

Today we´re all here in Vila Yara together, eating popcorn and playing uno. It´s raining and super cold so later we´re going to make hot chocolate also.

This week was a good one. SIster D. Sousa will be going home in a week, it´s so sad.. definately a life long friend. I´m finally starting to realize how fast the mission is going by and it´s so scary. This week I studied about the principle of miracles and the Holy Ghost. How thankful I am to be here and for my understanding I have gained throughout this time. I love the gospel of Christ, I love helping people, I love meeting people, and I love washing the dishes in every house I enter :)

The church is true, the Book is blue, and Jesus said, "Little children, I love you."

com amor,
Sister Bido

Week 44 - Vila Yara - Hand in Hand

FIRST OFF, happy birthday Abuela! I hope it was great!

and SECONDLY, happy Brazilian´s Father Day to Dad and Opa!! I forgot what day there is father´s day, but here it was yesterday. so Happy Father´s Day!

This week flew by faster than last week. And all of the miracles we had, were shown to everyone in the church yesterday. We´ve changed our focus in the area and are focusing on strengthening the ward. There are over 200 less actives, so we´re going to reactivate as many as we can. This week we came up with a scheme to get the ward to help us as all. So in 1 month, we´re going to have a giant "Rescue Party." Every member on this one day will visit a few families to "rescue." It´s going to be so great! Yesterday at church we had 2 entire families of less actives come back to church, and a few other less actives that came alone. It was the best feeling in the world yesterday, seeing the church so full and everyone so excited and happy.

One of the families that came to church yesterday was the Moreno family. They are so special and so incredible. The dad of the family isn´t baptized yet, and even he went to church with them for the first time yesterday and already started reading The Book of Mormon.

Also, Kevin and Grazi came to church yesterday. Kevin was baptized 3 years ago, and then confirmed the day after his baptism and never again went to church.. until yesterday. And he brought his wife and 2 kids. Incredible. I was burning with happiness on the inside.

Cleide also went to church yesterday and loved it. She´s going to be baptized this coming Sunday and we are all super excited! This week was an amazing week as we helped her understand the importance of the law of chastity. She expressed her gratitude towards us for helping her understand her value as a daughter of our Heavenly Father. I remember the first time when we found Cleide. We went there to teach her sister that the elders had been teaching, but instead we found Cleide. She told us that she always wanted to hear what they were saying but she didn´t feel comfortable with 2 men and they never invited her to sit down and listen. It´s a miracle and proof of how our mission president was inspired to send sisters here. Cleide is absolutely amazing and being prepared by The Lord.

I also experienced another thing this week. We were almost arriving home late one night, 20 minutes away from our house and it was 9:20.. so we started to run. I was so woried to get home last, becoming I´m training and it´s just not acceptable. But then I realized that my companion was having trouble keeping up and having a lot of trouble breathing. So I stopped and we sat on a bench as I let her catch her breath and calm her down. Seeing her like that made me forget that we were going to be late, the lecture that I would recieve and everything. I then literally felt Christ´s hand grab my hand and guided it to her hand, helping her up and we made our way hoome safely and slowly and somehow arrived home at 9:29pm..

I love my mission. I love this gospel. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I love my Father in Heaven.

amo todos vocês,
Sister Bido

Week 67 - Caucaia - An Elder and a Pot Holder

I´m going to start off with the best news in the world by saying that one more soul here in São Paulo was brought to the Lord this Sunday. Maurício´s baptism worked out perfectly and was amazing. We had so much support from the ward! Saturday was a rough day and we had to move his baptism to Sunday at the last minute.. and almost all the ward went to support him and us.. at 8am Sunday morning. It was so amazing!

So this week we had interviews with President Thomas and went all the way to São Paulo. We ate lunch in the temple and it was such another spiritual experience. I miss having the temple in my area, seriously. But anyways, my interview was great and really comforting.. so strange to think I only have one more. I was able to understand my purpose here in Caucaia, which is to help the bishop. Saturday morning I was able to do exactly that with all humility that was in me and I can tell that I am fulfilling my purpose. Yesterday at church, we didn´t have all the investigators there that we had expected, but our family that we´re teaching came. Our area is extremely far away from the church, almost an hour walking. This family lives in the very middle of our huge area so it´s almost 2 hours walking to get to church, and they came. They came, and they came barefoot. Patrícia, Eduardo, Ana Paulo, Carlos, Paulo, and Camile. I was humbly reminded of why I came on a mission. I did not come on a mission to baptize a million people or to baptize every person in the street. I came on a mission because I realized how great the Atonement is and that not everyone knew about this atoning sacrifice. I came on a mission because I realized that are so many people in this world who don´t know who Jesus Christ is or don´t know what He did for us. Teaching this family that we he a Savior, a brother who loves us and who bleed from every pore of His body for us, who made the path for us to return to our loving Father in Heaven is the greatest experience I´ve had in my mission. I stayed on my mission because I knew that there were more people who needed to hear my testimony of Jesus Christ. Thursday, we went after 1 reference that we had recieved. We walked the entire day without a map trying to find her, but we never found her. We walked the entire day until 7pm and got extremely lost. We were in the middle of the woods without a house in sight. It was starting to get dark and we had no idea where we were or where we should go. We also didn´t know why The Lord had guided us to that point and wasted the entire day walking in the woods. We decided to turn back. After about an hour of walking, we found a little boy running on the path and decided to follow him. We followed him to his house and starting talking with his mom. It was the first time in my mission, and in my life, that I found someone who had never heard of Jesus Christ before. We had the most spiritual lesson, and then got lost coming home. We found ourselves on the main road finally and called for a member to come help us. We got home at almost midnight, but it was worth it. I knew that The Lord had guided us to find this woman and her son and testify to them about Jesus Christ.

Every area has their difficulties and every area makes you stronger. I love serving The Lord and I love learning more about my Savior´s love for me everyday.

I also went on splits in Cotia this week and met a family really quickly that lives there who has a pot holder signed by a million Elders.. including Elder Funderburk!!!

I hope you all have a great week, love you so much and miss you all so much!

com amor de Caucaia Sião,
Sister Bido

Week 68 - Caucaia - 140 Kilometers on These Chacos

After 140 kilometers, we ended our week so great!

We discovered a new part of our area this week that is extremely far away.. about 40 minutes on the bus. Everyday this week, we cought a bus after lunch and arrived in the area, but too come home at night we have to walk because the bus doesn´t come back to the neighborhood after 5pm because of the rain and mud. If we stay on the main road it´s a lot faster and only 18 kilometers! Needless to say, by the end of the week we were utterly exhausted and my legs were dead. To add onto it, this sunday was stake conference in Cotia! So Sunday morning, there was a bus leaving from the church to take everyone to the stake center at 8am! We woke up extremely early and walked to pick up Patrícia and her family and then walk with them to the church. The miracle that happened this week was walking to church with this family. They live an hour and 15 minutes from church walking. My legs were about to collapse but somehow I had strength to put my foot in front of the other and keep going. When we arrived at the last hill we had to climb up, Camile (6years old) was so sleepy and tired from walking that she wanted someone to carry her, but her parents were also extremely out of breathe. My inner animal came out as I picked her up and climbed the entire hill with her on my back until we got to the church.. Once again, Heavenly Father was the one carrying me. I´ve never seen the Lord´s hand so close to me as I have here in Caucaia. So in the end, we arrived at church with Patrícia and her husband Eduardo, and their kids, Ana Paulo, Carlos, George, Paulo, and Camile. They will be baptized at the end of February so continue to pray for this blessed family! This week on Wednesday, they have to leave there home and will be building another shack in a huge field at the very end of our area. I´m so happy to still be able to visit them, but it´s not going to be the easiest trip all the way out there or getting them to church. I love my Savior and I love my Heavenly Father. I love being His servent and I love growing closer to Him todos os dias.

This week I´ll be going on splits in Vargem Grande again (my first area) so I´m super excited. I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

com amor de Caucaia Sião,
Sister Bido

Week 41 - Vila Yara - 100,000 Things to Learn

and 100000 things to look forward too.

remember when I said I was transfered to a new area and would be training? YEP. But, Tuesday morning I recieved a transfer call again and was transferred AGAIN!!!!! On our way to the mission home to do transfers, I found out that I would be going to a different area.

So the area closed for elders, and we opened the area here as well. Vila Yara in Osasco.. there are 26 missionaries in our zone.. only 2 being sisters. ME AND MY DAUGHTER COMPANION.

Anyways, so I got to the mission home and the elders that closed the area didnt know they were being transfered so they called a taxi and that´s how they got there. none of the members knew or anything, so we didn´t have a ride to get to our area. we didn´t even know where our area was and no one even knew the address to the apartment where we live... so after a long investigating process, they finally found the address and Fabi offered to take us there THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

THEN, later that day I finally recieved my companion. SISTER OLIVEIRA!!!!! again... but a different one! She´s from Portugal and super excited to be here! She got a little scared and nervous when she found out we would be openeing an area together, but I´m trying to help her as much as I can. Our area isn´t the safest.. it´s not city but it´s more city than Jardim Celeste. and a lot risher so everyone drives cars.. which means that at night we´re the only people on the roads and it´s not the safest thing that should be happening.

Every day this week we got lost. The area is huge huge HUGE HUGE HUGE.. there were 6 elders here before and now there´s just us here and in the ward. The members like to help a lot, so that´s great. But it´s not easy. Almost everyone here speaks English and wants to talk in English with me but my English is horrible!!!!!!!!!! I don´t even make sense when I´m trying to talk. And it´s so much diferent than writing, because you have time to think when you´re writing! But anyways, it´s going to be good.

I´ve decided that right now my only worry is training my companion. We´ll learn the area and we´ll find people, but her training is also extremely important and she needs a lot of help. it´s a huge responsibility. it´s hard to be patient with the area, but it´s no use trying to accomplish everything in 1 day or 1 week. so this transfer is not going to be easy, but it´s going to be amazing. and I have to be patient with The Lord while being patient with myself.

on the bright side, Luzinete was baptized Saturday just like we had planned. It was a horrible feeling not being there but I was still incredibly happy that everything worked out right.

There´s over a million things to learn in this area and over a million things to look forward too.

I love this gospel, I love my mission, and I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father.

com amor,
Sister Bido

Week 42 - Vila Yara - Laugh and Enjoy the Work

Yáll are really startin´to slack with the details of what´s happening at home!

This week was a whole lot better than the last one!! We still got a little lost throughout our day but we´re starting to get the hang of it! We make it to lunch everyday and home every night so we stay pretty happy! This week we worked soooooo hard, harder than I´ve ever worked I think. We ended our week with 17 new investigators, including a beautiful family!!! So yes, we´re super excited in our area!

You won´t be seeing many pictures in this area because it´s not exactly the safest area for sisters... but the Lord is protecting us!! :)

I´m trying to teach my companion to not be so serious and to laugh at everything and how to enjoy in the work.. but we were having a little too much fun trying to cross the run running from an angry dog that she fell and hurt her ankle and then suffered through saturday and sunday walking! But good thing I´m raising a warrior and I couldn´t be more proud of my daughter! WOOHOO!

I also used pants in the road for the first time in 10 months.... how weird. everyone was so shocked to see sisters using pants!

We´re hoping and praying to have the baptism of Geovana this sunday after church, so lets all pray that it will work out!!

This area isn´t the easiest.. it´s extremely difficult.. BUT we´re pushing ourselves and we´re seeing The hand of The Lord guiding us and carrying us along. I´ve never been so close to The Spirit or felt the love from Christ as much as I am now. This is my time to grow and it´s incredible.

Amo muito vocês e espero o melhor por tudo mundo!
Sister Bido

Week 43 - Vila Yara - Trains and Buses to.... Somewhere

I found the best pizzaria in the world.. right here in Osasco! Imagine a pizza with perfectly fluffed crust.. (no tomato sauce) shredded chicken, then completely covered with mozerella cheese, then topped with bacon slices and chocolate stuffed crust.. yep.

So this week absolutuley flew byyyyyyy! The only thing I really remember is that on Friday the new missionaries had a trainamento so we went to Sao Paulo by train! I´m really starting to become a pro at catching trains and random buses that are heading for who knows where. With our adventuring personalities and tyhe power of prayer it always seems to work out in the end :)

It´s crazy to think that I´ve already been in this area for 3 weeks.. the transfer is almost over!!!

President Thomas is thinking about closing the area again and taking us out of here because of the safety problems.. but everything will be fine and we´ll be protected and if The Lord thinks we should be here, then I agree!

Our work is becoming marvellous here in Vila Yara! We´ll be having the baptism of two sisters that we found on the 21st of August! Giovana and Cleide!! When the scriptures talk about being converted and having a broken heart and contrite spirit, it´s Cleide and Giovana all the way. I´ve never seen anything like them in my life. Cleide´s desire to become cleam and follow Christ´s example if extraordinary. She was drinking 2 or 3 pots of coffee every day at work or home and as soon as we taught her the word of wisdom, she just said "okay. it´s done" We were a little confused thinking what in the world is done? And then she explained that she would stop with the coffee and it wouldn´t even be a problem. And since then, she still hasn´t taken a sip and it´s been 1 week. Miracles are true, and The Lord blesses us according to our desire, faith, and His will.

We will also have Eduarda´s baptism on August 28th! Her parents are less active but are trying to come back and she´s crazy to be baptized! 17 years old and she knows exactly what she wants in life. And on this day, she wants to follow our Savior´s example.

We´re also helping millionsssssssss of less actives in the area come back to church. It´s a hard process but we had our miracle at church yesterday.. Joao Paulo walked into sacrament meeting when we weren´t even expecting it. A young man with 18 years decided to come back to church for the first time in 4 years all alone. Seeing the Hand of The Lord working in these ways is incredibly and eye opening.

My companion is starting to love playing uno with me! She´s getting the hang of it and started to loosen up a little bit! I´m so proud of her progress after just 3 weeks and her forces and how hard she´s pushing herself to be better every day.

I love this gospel, I love my Savior, I love my Heavenly Father and I love my mission. I love The Book of Mormon and the blessings I have. I love my family and our plan of Happiness The Lord created.

I am a representative of The Savior Jesus Christ and of His Church, saying that He lives. The Gospel was restoured. We have a living prophet today and He loves us.

com amor,
Sister Bido

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 62 - Vila Sonia - Pomegranate Miracles

The Lord has never and never will leave one of His children alone. This week we got a little more creative with our work. Here in Brazil, it´s pomegranate season! In Vila Sônia, our greatest difficulty is finding new investigators. When we talk with the very few people that we find walking in the roads, they usually give us andress that doesn´t exist or don´t give any address, so that´s why we spend all our day knocking on doors. So like I said, we got a little more creative and decided that every house we pass that has a pomegranate tree in the front, we´d stop and ask them to pick pomegranate for us and then we would capture them with our missionary technique! YALL, it worked!!!!! We ended our week with the biggest miracle of finding 12 new investigators here in Vila Sônia by asking for fruit!
We also had a few more miracles throughout the week. Our recent convert Titto brought a million of his friends to church yesterday so now we have more people to work with!!! Also, Marcela´s baptism was yesterday and was so incredible! I love seeing the youth changing their lives and becoming so firm in the gospel! We´ve also started teaching her mom, so we´re incredibly excited.
This week we also helped one our less-active members that we´re helping return to church clean her house and redo her room and painted the bathroom! It was so fun.

We went on splits again this week but this time I stayed here in Vila Sônia with Sister Cruz! The best day of my week was this day. It was the best feeling people able to help her with her doubts and difficulties in the mission. Every missionary made a sacrifice to be on the mission today and that´s the key to good companionship. Recognizing that the other person is on the same team as you. As different as they might be, they are here serving The Lord with all their strength, heart, and mind just like you are.

We also had the miracle of finding William this week. He´s 22, married, and has a 4 year old daughter. I had talked to him in the road the day I was on splits and Saturday we went looking for his house. At first, we went to the road and could not find his house number at all. We were about to give up but I had the strongest feeling that he didn´t lie about his address. Out of no where, absolute no where, i had the thought to look behind a huuuuuge tree and bushes against one of the walls. Behind the huge tree was a door.. and the numbers 288. William´s house number. We clapped our hands and called his name and he came running out. We taught him about The Book of Mormon and marked his baptismal date for January. When you work diligently with faith, The Lord leads you and guides you and blesses you to bless others.

This week we´re going to be so busy! We´re going on splits again, then we have the Christmas activity of the mission, then Christmas is coming up! Saturday we´ll pass the day with all of our less active members, and sunday we´re having a cookout after church with Ana Lucia and her family! Afterwards, we´re going to Fabiana´s house and will skype from there at like 6:30 or 7pm!

I´m so thankful for my Savior and for the miracle of His birth. I love my Heavenly Father and I love Jesus Christ.
I love you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido


1. right before the biggest bee came after us and chasing us
2. Marcela´s baptism with Titto (she refused to take a picture in white because of the jumpsuit hahaha)
3. a bridge we have to cross to enter into one of our investigator´s house

Week 64 - Vila Sonia - Peace and Blessings

This week was extremely slow here in Vila Sônia! Everyone was stillllll on vacation throughout the week.
This week, we went on splits 3 times.
Tuesday I went to Novo Osasco and was the companion of Sister Bollar for a day! It was so fun being her companion for a day and telling the funniest jokes and stories that Brazilians just don´t understand!
Wednesday I went to Raposo Tavares and was Sister Namauu´s companion for another day! It was really fun being with her and seeing how much she has grown!
Thursday and Friday were the best days of the week because I got to stay in Butantã with my beloved daughter Sister N Oliveira! I was so impressed with how much she has grown and I am so proud of her. I also got a little teary eyed from the joy I felt when she thanked me for everything.

We also had one of the craziest experiences of my mission where I was forced to use all of my girl scout/ daughter of a nurse knowledge that I had. So we arrived to an Irmãs house. This irmã is extremely simple and humble and sick! When we got there, she was screaming SCREAMING crying and crying from pain in her foot. She had dropped boiling oil on her foot a week ago, and then it got infected and she was just a mess. So we tried helping her calm down but it just wasn´t working. Her foot was bandaged up and had an ace wrap but her entire leg was sooooo swollen that I could tell the ace wrap was hurting her even more. I told her to bite on a sock because I was about to change her bandages and everyone looked at me like I was insane, but she didn´t reject the idea. I looked araound for a place to wash my hands.. nothing. the bathroom is a little tent outside, there was no sink or shower or anything and neither one of us had hand sanitizer!!! So what did I do? I saw a bottle of alcohol and washed my hands with alcohol, then dived in. I unwrapped her leg and foot and saw that the bandage was leaking yellowish pus and blood and needed to be changed. I said the quickest little prayer, stayed 100% calm, and slowly took on the gauze. It was literally an open flesh would. so what did i do? washed my hands with more alcohol, cleaned up her wound with coton and anti biotic cream, then passed another medication creme and bandaged her all up! She said it relieved a lot of pressure and wasn´t hurting as bad after wards so that was great! So anyways, the day was great being Mom hahahaha.

We celebrated sister N Oliveira´s 6 month birthday with pizza when we got home. New Years Eve and New Years Day were normal for us. We ate lunch like normal, worked normally (except that the town was completely deserted) and had to be home like normal. Yesterday was the same way....
except that we recieved our transfer calls! I am being transferred to Caucaia which is beside my first area Vargem Grrande. It is extremelyyyyyyy country and I am soooo excited!!! I´m finally leaving the city and believe that I will finish my mission there! I´m still a Sister Training Leader, so that didn´t change.

This week I was able to learn more about the Atonement of Christ. This is why I love my mission, every thing that happens is able to help you grow your understanding of Christ´s atoning sacrifice for us. It does not matter what kind of challenge or difficulty that may pass in your life, the gospel of Jesus Christ and His suffering will always help us be able to overcome these things. I know that Christ lives and is my Savior and I know that Heavenly Father is our Living God. I know that the Atonement is for everyone, even the people that don´t accept Him.

wish me luck in Caucaia you guys, my new companion is Sister Santos! Woohooooo!

Have a good week, love you allllll!!!!!

c/ amor do último dia na Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

p.s. this morning I cut 6 inches of my hair and I´m now #shorthairdontcare #vidalouca
p.s. still haven´t recieved any package
p.s. the Lord reaveled to me my life plans

Week 65 - Caucaia - Rain, Dirt Trails, and Blessings

I am so in love with my new area! Imagine working in the middle of the woods on dirt trails..
it´s CAUCAIA! I´m so happy to be back in the country. We´ve had so much success this week already. My companion is Sister Santos and will be ending her mission in Febuary! We´re about 2 hours from São Paulo by bus and never have signal here, thank goodness!

So 2 miracles that happene this week..
1. As we were walking on one of the longest dirt roads, there was little trail entering into the pasture, so we decided to explore. We climb a hill and made our way through the tall weeds and found a shack full of people. They saw us arriving and came running out to meet us. The parents are Patrícia and Eduardo and they have 8 kids. We shared the message of The Restoration with them and the Spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson, it started raining, but no one even flinched. As we testified of the living prophet, the rain poured on us. We ended by inviting Eduardo to say the closing prayer and to kneel down. In the pouring rain, kneeling in the mud, Eduardo said the most beautiful prayer for us and for his family. To make it even better, they all came to church on Sunday!
2. Usually, Saturdays are the busiest days and we have so many things to do. BUT, the sky decided to rain and storm and all 7 of our appointments fell through.. at about 6pm we had nothing left to do, were covered from head to toe in mud and were determined to find the Lord´s elects. Marching through 6inches of mud, we found a little house on the side of the trail and decided to knock there. A young couple answered the door and invited us in. They were a little quiet at first, but the spirit was telling us to teach The Plan of Salvation. As we testified that Families can be together forever and that Heavenly Father gives us tests and trials, Grasiele started crying. Her and Rodrigo have been married for 12 years and aren´t able to have kids. Using the athority we have, we promissed in Christs name that they would be blessed with kids if tthey would fullfil their part here in earth. It was so great!

Needless to say, I am loving my companion and my area and the ward! I know the Lord does things the way He wants and when He wants, so we have to trust in Him. I´m glad you all enjoyed the snow and are all safe! Get better soon Mia! This week I´m going on splits in Cotia again after a year! Woohoooo! Have a great week, lovvvve you all! and yes i got the packages, THANK YOU SO MUCH! STEPHANIE YOU ARE AWESOME I LOVED THE STOCKING!!!!

c/ amor de Caucaia Sião do Alto,
Sister Bido

Week 66 - Caucaia - Fevers and Blessing and Memories

What an interesting weeeeeek! 

Tuesday I woke up with a fever of 104 degrees and didn´t leave my bed until Friday afternoon (except to throw up and use the bathroom)..
and because Heavenly Father loves us, Anne´s baptism went completely perfect on Saturday!!!
I´m practically 100% cured now so no need to worry :) 

This is basically my week. Our work here is going great, seriously! The best part about Caucaia is that we teach families and everything is always done in family. It´s such a blessing!

My companion reminds me of Mia in all ways possible, but we get along and we have so much fun exploring in the woods and stomping through the mud!! Hahaha have a good weeeeek, love you!!

c/ amor de Caucaia Sião,
Sister Bido

Week 69 - Caucaia - Ice Cream Every Day

Hey guyssssss!

Nothing awesome happened this week, just went on splits every single day. So we´ll be wakaing up at7am and coming home at 10am. Here in Caucaia, we live in a house. Our house is on top ofthe best icecream shop. It´s so great, wewake up, walk down the stairs,gooutside, and buy icecream for R$2 every day.

We hand wash our clothes as soon as we dirty them and put them out to dry right away because of the rain. It takes forever for our clothes to dry, especially this week. My luggage is shrinking. I bought garments one time, and thats what I keep forgetting to write! I´m going to destroy all my garments before coming home becausethey are HORRIBLE.

And my area is just little prarie trails and woods and trees and cardboard shacks. We dont live in our area, we live in the other sisters´ area. Yes, we live with 2 more sisters. Sister Correia and Sister Brown. We live in the center of the town which is only 1 road.

This is my companion, Sister Santos, last week on her mission! Its so crazy that I have ony 7 weeks left. You´ve got to be kidding me....

anyways,love you!!!

Week 70 - Caucaia - Patience is the Key

Last transfer WHAT!!!!! This morning, I said goodbye to my companion and also Sister Modesto.. it´s so sad! It´s so true how friendships you make on the mission are the realest friendships made.

I spent this week on splits in Perdizes again! It was SO WEIRD leaving the middle of the woods and spending a week in the center of São Paulo. This weekend, I stayed with Sister Santos and we travelled around São Paulo visiting all of her old areas before she went home. It was so much fun! Caucaia is still Zion and is still extremely blessed. Transfers are tomorrow and I´ll be staying here! My new companion is Sister Cruz! I went on splits with her one time in Vila Sônia and she is just the cutest! I´m super excited to do the Lord´s labor here in Caucaia with her for these next weeks.

Mom, I´m needing a dentist visit when I get home. Remember my tooth that broke?

Be patient in your calling and at work! I learned so much about patience and humility with Sister Santos in this last transfer in order to end everyday with a smile on my face. Alma teaches us in the Book of Mormon about having patience in our sufferings and trials. "E depois que foram pacientes nas provações, havia paz na terra." Everytime there was a war in the Book of Mormon, in the end, someone learned patience and learned how to handle the challenges from The Lord with patience, and then there was always peace in the land. Patience is the key to have "peace in the land."

Love you guys so much!!!
Have a great week!!!
c/ amor,

Week 61 - Vila Sonia - Don't Eat the Last Marshmallow

Caroling in Brasil just isnt the same thing.. Seriously. But it was still fun! This week we had a million activities at church. One night we went caroling at our investigators house and gave pictures of Christ to them. Another night, we had a christmas talent show and a dinner. At thr talent show, sister modesto and i were the stars! I wrote another song about Christ's birth to the tune of She will be loved and my lovely companion played the guitar! It was awesome, seriously. We also had mission tour this week with the area president of Brasil and learned a million things! Last night we had the devocional of the first presidency and it was amazing. It was só funny watching elder Holland trying to speak portuguese with US!!!! We also went on splits again this week with sister namauu and sister Melo from Raposo! It was a little complicated and difficult, bit it was cool being sister namauu's companion again for a day!

The other day my companion and i had a little disagreement and She went and closes herself in the bathroom. After about at hour, i was really annoyed and ready to leave but She was protesting her si de of the argumento. Só while i was waiting for her to stop being crazy hahahaha i remembered that i still had 2 marshmallow left from the pack that mom went me. Usually, we only eat them on especial occasions and always together... But i was ready to eat them both because i was só aggravated. Somethimg kept me from eatimg them both and saving them for US to eat later.. But them my inner animal Camé out and i ate them both. As soon as i shoved them in my mouth, sister modesto Camé out and apologized and gave me hug. Why did i eat the last !marshmallow!!!!!!!!

Só anyways, this week we havê a million splits to go on and we are só Busy with everything going on! This morning we went shopping in the center of osasco and tonight we havê an important appointment with new investigators wanting to be baptized! Wooohoooooo!

Our christmas party this year will be on the 21st. I still havê no idea about skype but it will be on christmas day, probably at night. Love you all and hope everyone hás a great week!!!!!

Com amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 58 - Vila Sonia - 57 Pieces of Fabric

Well, this week didn´t exactly go out as planned.. but it was still really good. I´m learning a lot about Christ-like atributes and how to handle rough, unexpected situations.

To start off, I learned how to sew! Yes, sew sew! Like REALLY sew! We take care of a less active member who sews clothes for a store in Rio de Janeiro. So while we were visiting him, he was finishing up a few things he had to send off and I saw a million scraps of pretty fabric and started to play around. I decided that I wanted to make a skirt out of these fabric scraps and then put them in order (like a puzzle) and designed my skirt! Since I had nothing to lose, I just started sowing with the machine and in the end.. I walked out with the coolest looking skirt! Everyone doubted me but I literally now have the cutest skirt that I made from 57 pieces of fabric scraps..

ANYWAYS, this week I went on splits again and returned to Perdizes to help the sisters find new investigators. It was incredible as we ended our day with 4 new investigators and appointments marked. I absolutely love having the opportunity to get to learn, help, and grow with all of these amazing sisters! 

During our week, everything was amazing as we helped finalize everything for Titto´s baptism. We acompanied him everyday for only 10 minutes because of his work and problems at home with his dad. Sunday morning before church was his baptism interview and he passed with flying colors (OBVIOUSLY).. but then the Elders decided to use one of the mission rules against us saying that a baptism interview has to happen 3 days before the baptism and that Titto could not be baptized on the same day. After a month of praying, fasting, and breaking our backs to make sure everything worked out right, the adversary itself came in the form of an elder this time. There will never exist an easy baptism. As we fought for our investigator we could feel the Spirit testifying to us to not give up. We tried and tried and tried to defend our case, but a rule is a rule. We had to be humble and accept the rule.. right? But then a scripture came to my head that I would have never in my life thought of if the Spirit wouldn´t have put it in my mind.. When Nephi killed Laban. Nephi knew that it was against God´s law to kill a man and becuase it was against the commandment, he wouldn´t have done it. BUT, the Spirit insisted and insisted and insisted again. The Spirit spoke against the law and acted. We accepted the law of the mission and humbled ourselves, but the fight didn´t end. Last night, Titto was not baptized. He will recieve the apology from our mission president and will be baptized this Saturday. My testimony was strengthened from this experience.. The Spirit knows what to do. The Spirit is against the adversary. Not a single baptism will be easy, ever. The fight against the adversary will continue, but it´s a humble fight. It´s a humble fight because we know which side always wins. The important part is that Titto will still be baptized and his testimony was also strengthened. When something is the right, everything will try to go wrong. This only strengthened him.

Transfers happened yesterday but I will be staying in Vila Sônia with Sister Modesto


We are also expecting Neide´s baptism this Sunday. This week will be a week of blessings!

I know that my Savior lives and loves us. I know that we can return to our Father in Heaven again because the price to enter was already paid and was paid by the most expensive blood.

Hope everyone has a great week and remembers the importance of the guidance of the Holy Ghost!
c/ amor da Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 57 - Vila Sonia - I Went to the Church of Jesus Christ

Amo Zona São Paulo! Did I ever tell you that I´m literally in the São Paulo, São Paulo? The capital of São Paulo? Yes, I´m literally in São Paulo, SP. It´s still a hard area, but it´s a lot better than when I was in Osasco. The area is still rich and usually no one is ever at home, but we have our ways of finding our miracles. I love the challenges of my area, the support from the members, and I love my companion! It´s hard to believe that transfers are already coming up AGAIN!!  

This week was awesome and horrible.. it never stops raining here!!! Also, we found out on Thursday that our investigator could not be baptized. It was right before her baptism interview when we started feeling that something was wrong. I don´t know why I didn´t think of this before, so I got really mad and annoyed with myself. She´s seperated from her husband, not divorced. So she is legally married, but dating someone else. She´s breaking the law of chastity.. right? I wasn´t sure, so we started asking everyone and no one knew the answer. As much as I wanted to baptize her, I felt the Spirit confirming that it was wrong. To recieve absolute certainty, we called President Thomas and asked.. he said she can´t be baptized because it is breaking the law of chastity. The first rule of the law is to be 100% faithful to your spouse, and they are still legally married. So that was a sad day and explaining this to her was the saddest part.

A good thing that happened this week was with another investigator! Rita! She owns a carwash and is never able to go to church on Sunday. So this week we made a huge sign to put on the front gate saying "Fui para a igreja de Jesus Cristo.. Abrirei ás 10h30" so that she could go to the sacrament meeting. She loved it and WENT TO CHURCH!!!!! We have to go slow with her because it´s a dangerous situation, but she´s progressing!

Also, Titto´s baptism might not happen this Saturday :( Everything is perfect with him.. almost. His dad is completely againt our religion and fought with Titto. So Titto is planning on going to BYU next year (yes, sem ser membro) and his dad is going to pay for everything. But now his dad is saying that se o Titto se batizar na igreja, que ele não mais pagará a faculdade dele nem para morar fora. So Titto thinks he should wait and be baptized NEXT YEAR at college. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pray that everything works out!

Also, we had a meeting with Elder Neilson who is the Executive Director of the church missionary department! It was amazing and I absolutely loved it. It was the best part of my week.. kind of. The other great part was when we bought 5kg of açai with the money we recieved for lunch one day hahahahahahaha. I´m a master chef so we never have to eat in restaurants! I always cook so we save a lot of money, especially because everything here in São Paulo, São Paulo is expensive!

Alsooooo, we´re doing a 40 day fast in our mission to get rid of the things that are keeping us from feeling the spirit. I´m sacrificing Coca Cola and singing music.. and promising that I´ll go to be at 22h30 every night... hahahaha! We are super busy here doing everything we can to finish God´s work here. I love my mission and seeing so many people´s testimony grow.

Hope you all have a blessed week com um monte de milagres!

c/ amor de São Paulo,
Sister Bido

Week 55 - Vila Sonia - Finding and Teaching

Whaaaaaaaaat a weeeeeek!!! Every week is such a good week! This email is going to be short again becuase of all the things we have to get done today!

We have 7 people with baptism dates and 3 that are progressing! My people that were baptized in Vila Yara last week were successfully confirmed members of the church yesterday! Too bad I couldn´t be there, but the important part is that it happened and worked out right. We´re teaching our neighbor, Neide, that we found in the elevator and she has 75 years. She looks like she has 40 years but she´s the funniest great grandma to us! Last night she called in our apartment inviting us to come over and eat cake with her at 11:30pm!!! So cute and funny! I´m literally loving my area and having a blast here. I went on splits this week in Perdizes which reminded me a lot of Charlotte! Yesterday at church, we had 9 investigators.. and then I left my planner in the room and someone must have picked it up. So basically, my planner with every one´s address and phone number and our appointments this week is goneeeeee so now i´m a little stressed out! But it´ll turn up in some place soon hopefully. I´m also a pro chef here in Brasil, just for all of you to know. I cook every morning for my dear companion. We eat a lot of french toast, fried oreas, omelets, hashbrowns, and avacado smoothies. WOOHOOOO!

Tonight our apartment complex is having a halloween party and then the kids are going trick or treating. So today we´re spending the day attaching passalong cards to lollipops and decorating our door. We also have to come up with another costume to use for tonight! Usually, Halloween isn´t a holiday here in Brazil, but São Paulo is trying to make it one so we´re lucky to be in a place that wants to try something. It´s gonna be such a blast to recieve trick or treaters!!!!!!

The best part of my week was find a young man that is inactive and he got so happy that we found him and went to visit him. It´s been 3 years since someone from the church visited him. He´s 19 years old and said he wants our help so that he can serve a mission, so this is now our goal.

The church is true, miracles happen, The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.
c/ amor de Vila Sônia,
Sister Bido

Week 52 - Vila Yara - A Million and 3 Miracles

Well my friends, miracles are real. Our God is a God of miracles and I can testify of that all day long. This week was a week of stress, fun, excitement, adrenaline, and a million and 3 miracles. I´m happy to hear about the safety of everyone at home, we´ve been praying for you all week long!

HAPPY ONE YEAR TO ME!!!! and also, goodbye Osasco and goodbye Vila Yara.. our mission presidente doesn´t know if he wants sisters here or elders. Closed the area for elders first and put us here, and now the area is closing again and will go 1 transfer without missionaries, then more elders will open the area again. So my daughter here ended her training WOOHOOOOOO!!!! So proud of her and so proud to be such a proud mom! But now, I´m being transferred to another area, where I´ll be opening the area in Vila Sonia and the responsability of training got a little bit bigger.. I was called to be a Sister Training Leader! And my new companion (or should I say OLD companion!!!!) is SISTER MODESTO!11 woooohooooooooooo!!!

I´m so excited for this new adventure and to open an area with my very first companion that I had, but I´m so sad to be leaving Vila Yara. I really learned to love this area and all of it´s difficulties.

We´re leaving the area with 6 people marked for baptism this month and praying that everything will work out right with them. I made true, true, trueeee friends here in this area and learned so much. One thing that I´ve learned is that without forgiveness, we wouldn´t have had the Restoration of The Gospel.. or, if we didn´t have the restored gospel, then we wouldn´t have forgiveness in our lives. The gospel was restored because of Loving Heavenly Father forgave His children and their iniquities for rejecting Christ and His apostles. This is the biggest proof I have that our Heavenly Father loves us and forgives us: The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. It´s because of this that I know that many churches exist, but only ONE on the face of this earth has every key to enter into the kingdom of God. This is Christ´s church. God lives, loves us, and blesses us.

This is my testimony that I leave with you all. We can be forgiven for our sins because of the love of our Heavenly Father and the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.

Week 50 - Vila Yara - An Area of Green Coconuts

 To say this week was a better week would be like saying Donald Trump is just a little crazy..
This week was WAAAAAAY better and Donald Trump is WAAAAY crazy. The Brazilians think that if he wins, he´ll end up starting another world war and then it´ll be like the people in the end of The Book of Mormon when everyone is destroyed and dies.. and since when does North Carolina decide to go crazy like they´re going right now? Luckily, everything here in Osasco is calm.. or at least calmer than there!

We had our house dedicated this week after a long month of strange happenings. When I finally woke up to find my companion with bite marks on her side and her calf scratched up.. we decided that there was no way to deny what was happenings. After Adilson dedicated our house Tuesday night, Wednesday is when everything started to get better. People started opening their doors for us. Yesterday we had 3 investigators come to church, and 4 more less actives that we also helped to come. Missionary work without the Spirit is just 2 people with cool nametags and a lot of courage. We knew that we had enterred into a house that we shouldn´t have a month ago and ever since that day, nothing has gone right in our area. We know now to be more careful and more aware and TRUST in our guide. We´re excited to continue working in Vila Yara, no matter how hard it may be. I think this is the area that I´m learning and progressing the most.

We also were on our way home one night and passed a little street market that was selling green coconuts for R$1.. for those of you that don´t know, green coconuts are extremely hard to open and save the water that´s inside. So what did we do? We bought 6 of them hahahaha. When we got to our apartment, the doormen used their knives and opened them for us. It was hilarious watching them struggle, but it all worked out great!

So my filhinha will be turning 3 months old this week and we´re going to have the party of our lives here! It´s so fun and cute training someone, seriosuly. At first I was annoyed that she was doing everything exactly like I was doing and copying what I was doing.. but that´s what she´s supposed to do. She´s learning from me and I´m shaping her into an amazing Sister Missionary! It´s so crazy that in 2 weeks, we´ll be finishing her training!

So an amazing experience that happened this week was yesterday at church. We had a couple walk in, out of no where, and sit down. So we went and talked with them! Guess what! They sent 2 daughters to Idaho as foreign exchange students and they are both staying with Mormon Families there! So this couple came to learn more about our church and the kind of things that their daughters will be doing with these families in Idaho Falls! How crazy and funny! It was so awesome.

But this was my week for yáll. Charlotte has turned savage.. se cuidem meus amigos.

Week 49 - Vila Yara - The Church of our Savior is Perfect

This week I learned what a hard week is.

To answer your question, yes their refrigerator was fixed!
We had a meeting with all the sisters in the mission at President Thomas´ house and it was amazing. But that was about the only good thing that happened this week. It´s already been a few weeks that we found out the bishop in the ward is investigating our work and stays on our backs about everything. Well this week he told us that the members are complaining that we eat too slow and it´s annoying to the members because they have things to do. Great. We kept on wokring through the week and ignored it.. until a member that we trust called us saying that the bishop called her wanting to know what time we arrived at her house, what time we left, and what we did while we were there. When she told him how awesome our FHE was the bishop got quite and hung up. So we also forgot about it, pushed it aside and kept working. But then, ANOTHER member that we trust called us over to have a serious conversation and that´s when we found out what was really going on. All of the sisters in Relief Society got together and had a meeting. They "decided" that we converse too much during lunch and that we should spend that time conversing with people on the road and that we should spend more time in the road and work harder because there have been better missionaries here in the ward. There were also a few saying that we don´t teach anything or offer to help.. and they did this to prove a point and win the fight that they don´t want to have to give us lunch. Apparently this isn´t the first time they´ve done this with the missionaries in the ward.. it´s the 4th time this year. So with our feelings completely hurt, we went to President Thomas at 7am the next morning and asked for guidance. Returning to our area, not very excited and extremely sad, we kept on working. I don´t want to be in a ward where I´m not wanted. I don´t want to be in a place where the sacrifice that I´m doing is not appreciated. For someone to wish that the missionaries spend more time in the road is something extremely cruel. So Sunday we went to converse with the bishop. In Nephi when his bow broke, everyone started complaining and complaining him, but it wasn´t his fault. He was the only one trying and was still blamed for nothing working out right.. basically our situation. But what did Nephi do? He humbly went to his father, Lehi, and ASKED where he should go to cast his bow.. so we went to the bishop and HUMBLY ASKED him what his desire was for us to accomplish in his ward. We´re here, we´re sad, but we´re working and we´re doing the will of The Lord. It is not easy. I love serving my Heavenly Father. Tuesday we spent the entire day in the road and not a single person talked with us. We were called ugly and water was thrown on us, but it´s a sacrifice that I love and that I don´t complain about. I´m praying for this ward and for the problems that are here and I know that The Lord is going to bless and help them with their difficulties. I saw my companion crying the other night because of the members in this ward and it broke my heart. I´ll be staying here for one more transfer because I asked Pres. Thomas to transfer Sister N. Oliveira. She shouldn´t have to stay in the ward being so sad and so new in the mission.

But today was Pday and we went to the temple. It was an amazing day and such a comfort to be in The House of The Lord. The church of our Savior is perfect, I don´t have a doubt in my mind about that, but it´s the people inside His church that are not. Like Jesus taught, we sit with the sinners to teach them repentance.

Have a good week everyone, love you Mom and Dad!!

and Happy birthday Mia!!!!
com amor,
Sister Bido

Week 48 - Vila Yara - Testimony Building

Just wanna start this email out by saying Mom.. I think maybe I´ll end up working in a nursing home one day. We had a service project this week and spent the day at a nursing home talking with the elderly folk. I made so many friends there! So many of the women there thought that I was their daughter that came back to visit them! It was so funny and so great! There was one lady there, Maria, who would not sit down! She carried her pipe around in one hand and paced back and forth outside trying to figure out how to climb the banana tree that was out there. I finally got her to sit down and talk with me for about 3 minutes. After those 3 minutes, she decided that she had to get back to work! So cute!

This week we found so many new investigators! We´re still not having very much progress with the people, so it´s important that we keep finding new people to find someone with an actual desire. Saturday was our miracle day AGAIN. After passing the entire day in the road, we went to the last house on the street and the woman came staright to the door and told us to come in because dinner was just finishing up. Maria was her name. We entered and spent some time getting to know her and her family. Her husband has alzeimers(?) and we spent some time talking with him also. He thinks I´m the maid that works in the house and he sent me to finish washing the dishes and start dinner!! It was soooooo fun! We ended the night teaching Maria about The Book Of Mormon and she agreed to start reading and pray about it. We´re super excited and grateful to have found her. 

We also had 2 miracles walk into church yesterday. The husband of an inactive member woke up wanting to come to church, so he woke up his wife, Suzanna, and they came to church today for the first time in 2 years. It was a testimony builder for Suzanna, she told us, to see her husband being the one wanting to get back on the right track. So we´re going to help them do exactly that.

So this was my week! I hope all of you also had a great week and have a great week now!

com amor de Osasco,
Sister Bido

Week 47 - Vila Yara - My Heavenly Father Knows Me

Happy Labor Day everyone!

This Wednesday is Brazil´s Independance day, so we´re about to see some Brazilian pride!
The weather here has been great. It´s finally starting to get warmer and wants to rain from time to time. This week was a good, hard, amazing week. We ran into a slight problem last Sunday night that really threw us off our feet and this entire week we struggled to stand up... until Saturday night. Saturday night left a mark on me..

So we have a family in our ward that is extremely special. Terezita and Arturo. They aren´t married, and Arturo isn´t a member. But they have 2 daughters! Lately, they´ve been passing through a whole lot of difficulties and Terezita has been going kind of less active.

Saturday was really hot here and we stayed out in the street the entire day, so we were really tired and hungry. I was serioualy craving a banana. JUST one banana.. Finally, it turned 7 o´clock p.m. and we went to visit our amiga, Terezita. When we got there, we sat down and began talking about how her week went and things like that, and she offerred us a banana smoothie. There were only 2 banana´s on the table and 1 apple and I didn´t see any milk. So I hesitated and said, no thank you we already ate dinner. But she insisted that we accept the banana, and I was seriosuly wanting it, so finally we accepted (not that she was giving us a choice because she already started to make the smoothie anyways.) After it was made, we sat down at the table and she continued to tell us how everything was going wrong. her refrigerator broke and the food that she had just bought and sent the rest of their money on went bad and spoiled and they were surviving through the week by eating the fruit that they had left. But it was Saturday night, and she had just used the last 2 bananas and the last apple and the last cup of milk she had to make us a smoothie and reacted so calmly.. I looked at Sister N. Oliveira, and she looked at me and I wanted to cry. She continued on talking about how stressed out she was and she was really needing our visit just to give us a hug. I got up and gave her a huge hug and she noticed that I was holding my tears in and just said to me.. "Don´t you worry, Heavenly Father will not let anything lack in my home because of my faith in Him." As soon as she finished her sentance, we heard someone clapping their hands outside and yelled Terezita´s name. We looked out the window and saw another couple from the ward. Confused, we opened the door to greet them.. but instead found them with their arms full of groceries and the entire trunk full of more groceries waiting to be brought inside.. Terezita said in the softest voice, "I didn´t ask for any of this. My Heavenly Father really knows me." As we were unloading everything, it seemed like the bags would never stop coming. She didn´t even have enough cabinet space to hold all the food that was brought in, including the 5 bundles of bananas and 3 bags of apples that were sitting on the table. She looked at us one more time and said, "He multipied everything for me."

I absolutely love my Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for the love that He also has for us.
Be faithful and trustful and humble.
com amor da Vila Yara,
Sister Bido

Week 40 - Jardim Celeste - No Space to be Fearful

Yesterday we recieved transfers calls.. and after 6 months I will finally be leaving Jardim Celeste and recieve a new companion in a new area. First off, I will be training and secondly, we will be opening an area that hasn´t had missionaries for 10 months. I´m not sure if I´m more excited or nervous to be opening this area or to be training!

BUT, this week was extraordinarily great! It passed by super fast, but every day was amazing. Sister D Sousa had her birthday this week so we had a huge party with Katiene and Claudio and the kids. We also had a huge FHE with Fabi and Amanda and Felipe. We finally also had another FHE with Cintia and Laio and the kids! I loooooove all these great families here!

Luzinete is all set and ready to be baptized this Sunday, foreal this time. WOOHOO! But I´m so sad that I´m not even going to be here to see her.

Juliana and Gabriel prayed about The Restoration and Book of Mormon and recieved an answer so incredibly strong as soon as they said amen. They told us that they want to accept The Gospel of Christ in their lives and progress in the church. Another beautiful family we found by miracle.

Last night Junior´s sister Barbara had her engagement party! We set the date for her wedding August 27! Woooooooo freakin hoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

a few other things we did this week:
i died Sister D Sousa´s hair this week...... :)
actually i gave her highlights!! and we freaked out from being so nervous.
the mission teaches you many things, especially how to be resourceful and creative. there´s no space to be fearful!

i love you guys and hope every one had a great week. i feel like my mission is about to get even harder with this transfer but i´m ready and prepared and relying fully on The Lord. I love my Savior and I love my Heavenly Father.

com amor,
Sister Bido

Week 38 - Jardim Celeste - Feliz Feriado!

Good morning America from Brasil! Happy 4th of freakin´July for you alllll :)

There´s nothing better than having a Brasilian companion on this beautiful, God-blessed day! She learned the Star Spangled Banner and dressed in blue and red with me today. We´re going to grill hotdogs afterwards and also make s´mores!

This week passed by faster than any other week in my life I think. Gabi started going to seminary this week and we marked her baptism date for the 16th! Tuesday I got sick and and Tuesday night the amazing Sister D Sousa saved my life I was thrown over the toilet vomitting out my intestines. Wednesday we went on splits and I stayed with Fabiana and slept while Sister D Sousa went with Eduarda and Karen to check up on our investigators. Thursday, I was feeling so much better and we went back to work. After focusing on Junior the whole week, our stress and work and labor finally payed off. Sunday he was baptized with ease and almost the whole ward was there to support him. The young men sang a song from EFY at the baptism and it was incredible.

I´m truly and insanely grateful for the miracles that The Lord has shown me. When we do our part and stay focused The Lord truly blesses us. I don´t have a doubt in my mind about the power of prayer. Yesterday as the baptismal font was being filled, the water in the church cut off.. great. After an entire ward got to praying, the water returned 30 minutes before the baptism, but then the water heater decided to blow a fuse. We don´t know how it started working again, but thanks to our prayers, it heated up just enough to be able to be used.

I know that this is the true Gospel of Christ on the earth. I know that The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel and I know that families can be forever. I know that I´m a daughter of God and he is preparing the way for us to return back to His kingdom

com amor,
Sister Bido

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 37 - Jardim Celeste - Sunday of Miracles

WELLLLLLLLL, we had church at 2 o´clock yesterday and it was the weirdest feeling of my life! Waking up at 6:30am on a sunday to not even get ready for church...weird. so weird. INSTEAD, we got up, studied, and then went prosilyting for a few hours. We finally found a young girl that we had talked with in the street a few weeks back and decided to teach her about The Book of Mormon. She absolutely loved it, so we invited her to come to church with us and she accepted. So after lunch, we ran to her house to meet up with her and we walked to church together! None of the members are liking the hour change at church, but all the investigators and recent converts are loving it!! 7 investigators in the church yesterday, including Rodrigo and Junior and Felipe who have already been attending! Yesterday was a Domingo of pure milagres!

Saturday we had such a busy day. I don´t know what we were thinking when we decided to mark 9 appointments in 1 day.. BUT everything worked out. We were able to make it to 6 out of the 9 that we had. One of the families that we taught are friends with the bishop here who also works in the temple on maintenance. The dad of the family works with the bishop in the temple, and he told us about a few amazing experiences that he had had in the temple and about the feeling he gets everytime he enters. The Spirit was with us and was so incredibly powerful. I´m absolutely sure that this family felt the truth about the Restored Gospel.

Throughout the week we found 16 new investigators! It was an awesome and much needed week of work, especially after loosing a few days last week. Sister D Sousa is cured and now I have a tiny cold, but we´re being soldiers out here! Junior is an amazing young man with such a strong testimony already! We´re just waiting on the approval of his parents so that he can be baptized, but all is looking well!

This week I learned how to make a new desert and also homemade ramen noodles while teaching my companion The Star Spangled Banner! With the 4th of July being only a week away, she´s got a lot of learning to do!!

BUT, the church is true annnnnnnnd I wouldn´t be on a mission if I didn´t know this, just like Christ wouldn´t have given His life if He didn´t know that the perfect, eternal, huge plan Heavenly Father created was perfect and possible.

Love you all!
com amor,
Sister Bido

Week 36 - Jardim Celeste - Rad Soup and Hospital Visits

PARABÉNS AMANDA MARQUES PERRET! Our miracle was baptized Saturday morning by Ulysses! His first baptism and it was the most beautiful, graceful thing I´ve ever seen! It´s incredible how The Lord literally prepares people to accept the gospel into their lives. Amanda is a changed person and is already living a better life. Her brother Felipe is going to wait a few more weeks and then he´ll have his chance!

So this week was stressful for me, but I learned an insane amount of patience and humility. My campanion got extremely sick one day after lunch in the road so we went back home and stayed there the whole day. While she slept, I made a pretty rad soup for her to eat for when she woke up! The next day, she was still feeling horrible and we went to the hospital. My first trip to a hospital in Brazil! It looked like a normal hospital, actually it was a normal hospital, but the process and all was weird and wack. But we spent 6 hours there so I read almost the entire Liahona from this month. Afterwards, we returned home and i put Sister D. Sousa to bed! Friday morning she was feeling a lot better so we ran around the town visiting everyone that we hadn´t seen all week and preparing everything for the baptism. Saturday morning everything worked out perfectly, but afterwards Sister D. Sousa had a fever again and was getting sicker. So she stayed a Fabiana´s house and rested while I went with Kelly to a few appointments that we had. It was a hard day without my companion, but we managed.

Yesterday at church, Luzinete and Rodrigues came with us and Amanda was confirmed a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Annnnnnd we found out that for now on our ward will be starting at 2 o´clock starting this Sunday! Yiiiiiiiiiiiikes! No worries, it´ll all work out!

Sister D Sousa is feeling better and back on her feet, thank goodness! We´ve got tonssssss of work to do this week and we are excited as ever! We´re hoping that we´ll have a baptism this coming Sunday as well, so let´s all pray that everythjing works out right!

I love you all and hope everyone had a great week!!
Com amor,
Sister Bido